James Eisele

James Eisele


Thanks for coming to my site at Sonicbids! Check out the music from the new cd, Perseverance, by Jettin' James. It's a 12-song, all-original stomp just like the stuff your mama used to boogie to!


Guitar virtuoso James Eisele is somewhat quizzical. He gives an intellectual quality to the blues and a primal energy to jazz.
This fact is exemplified in his latest release, "Perseverance" - which features an instinctive yet cerebral glimpse at modern life through the lenses of retro-style heavy metal. It's a return to foot stompin' heavy blues much like Cream, The Allman Bros., Hendrix, Iron Butterfly - you know, the good ole' days!
"3rd Degree Blues," released in the searing heat of the summer of 2008, features the raw energy side of this gifted guitarist. It's hard-hitting rockin' blues at it's best.
Eisele's "Coming Into a New Age," released in December 2008, is a smoother listen. From the pop hit "Take a Chance on Love" (duet with Karri Daley) to the cerebral "You Never Know," the 11-song all-original cd features another side of this complex artist.


Take A Chance On Love

Written By: James Eisele

The feel of your hand, the look on your face, I could linger forever in your embrace.
The beat of your heart, the warmth of your touch, I never knew I could love so much.

More than a few said we would never last.
They don't know you like I do.
You lay your bets and then you take your chance.
I'm laying everything on you.
I'll Take A Chance On Love.

I know there were times, when we had our doubts, but we got through them and made out all right.
And now you've got me, and baby I've got you, we have each other so hold on tight.

And though the lonely crowd all say we're wrong.
They don't believe our love is true.
But you place your bets and then you play along. I'm putting everything on you.
I'll Take A Chance On Love.

Take A Chance On Love.
With you baby.
Take A Chance on Love.

And though the odds are stacked against you and I.
That's nothing when a love is true.
You raise your heart and lay your feelings down.
I'm betting everything on you.
I'll Take A Chance On...
I'll Take A Chance On...
Let's Take A Chance On Love.

Be My Little Bad Girl

Written By: James Eisele

I would come to you in the morning.
Be at your beck and call.
Cook you breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I'd do it all.

If there's one thing I want in this world.
Be My Little Bad Girl.

Let me be your only passion.
You know I could bring you joy.
Let me be your best man.
Let me be your whipping boy.

I know that you feel it.
I know that you need it.
It's a need for something kind of strange.
Some unsavory moment eats at your heart don't it?
Makes you kind of have to rearrange.

Let me be the one you dream of in the stillness of the night.
Let your deepest, darkest fantasy come to light.

Shake A Tail Feather

Written By: James Eisele

Shake A Tail Feather baby.
Come dance with me.
We can cut a rug to pieces.
We'll get funky.
I don't care 'bout the weather.
Shake A Tail Feather.

If you tell me that you want it.
I want it too.
If you turn and walk away.
I will follow you.
Treat me whatever.
Shake A Tail Feather.

You're cute and I'm lonely.
And you really got the groove.
When I see you bend over.
I love the way you move.

Shake A Tail Feather baby.
Come home to stay.
We will always be together.
Dancin' everyday.
I will love you forever.
Shake A Tail Feather.


Written By: James Eisele

People can be so hard sometimes.
Enough to break a man in two.
But the vision is still so clear in may mind.
Nothing can stop it from coming true.

In a real sense.
Don't you know you've got to have Perseverance.

Real life can throw some curves your way.
Enough to make a man insane.
But you fight on every single day.
Adversity is like a driving rain.

People talking about me but they don't have to walk in my shoes.
I just got a little bit, a little bit of feeling the blues.

So ou got to keep your nose to the floor.
Don't let nothing ever get in your way.
The road ahead is so dog gone long and you got to drive it everyday.

Howlin' At The Moon

Written By: James Eisele

I looked for my baby under the moon and stars above.
I looked for a woman who could give me all of her love.
But I'm still trying to find her.
I'm still trying to find and I just can't get enough.

If I don't find that woman soon.
You might just find me Howlin' At The Moon.

I looked all around but I can't find her at all.
Under the light of the moon she won't answer my call.
But I'm still trying to find her.
I'm still trying to find her and I will before I fall.

I howled for my baby under the moon that shines so bright.
And then when I found her I lost her in the night.
But I'm still trying to find her.
I'm still trying to find her and there ain't no end in sight.


Eisele's first published work was "All in the Name of Progress" and "Lonely Man" on the "Gathering" album released in the late '60s/early '70s. Over the years this imaginative artist's list of accomplishments include the currently sold-out CD releases of "Say!, Ufology", and "Cold Wind."
In the summer of 2oo8, Eisele released "3rd Degree Blues." He followed that up with "Coming Into A New Age" in December 2008 and "Perseverance" in Dec. 2009.
Eisele is currently finishing work on "Smooth Sailing," a follow-up to the jazzy "New Age." The 9-song cd will be available in late Spring/early Summer 2010 - just about the time fishing season heats up!

Set List

Eisele's original songs include "Perseverance, Shake a Tail Feather, New Strut, Castles in the Sand, Howlin' at the Moon, Real Fine Woman, Be My Little Bad Girl, 3rd Degree Blues, Real Thang, Muskie Blues, Weather the Storm, Life Ain't Fair, Case of Rhythm & Blues, I Can't Wait Forever, Things Goin' On, Lost Without your Love, Coming into a New Age, Don't Walk Away with my Heart, Real Beauty, Cool Cat Nat, Take a Chance on Love, April Showers (Turn to Flowers in May)" and more.

He also plays a large number of cover tunes which include blues, jazz, R&B and rock. As a single act, his list of jazz standards include "Don't Get Around Much Anymore, Moonglow, The More I See You, Darn That Dream, Long Ago and Far Away," and many others.

His cover blues songs include "Tore Down, Unchain My Heart, Texas Flood, Pretty Woman, Travelin' South, Stormy Monday, Black Cat Bone, Who's Been Talkin', Hey Bartender," and more.

Rock, both classic and heavy, can also be presented with songs like