James Elizabeth

James Elizabeth


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James Elizabeth is gutsy, gorgeous, undisguised, James Elizabeth sings it the way it is.

James Elizabeth has been singing since she was a baby, when the Van Halen song "Jump " would come on even as an infant she would sing "Jump" at the appropriate times! She would put on shows for her neighbors, family and anyone who would listen. James Elizabeth was born in Livermore, California, on February 10 1986. Her parents Pam and Tom Hagen got divorced when she was 2, and was raised all over the Bay Area. Her father was a musician who played primarily in Northern California, and gave James her first taste of showmanship. In the 8th grade the bug bit her when she landed the part of Maria, in "The Sound of Music," from that point on singing would be her calling.

James Elizabeth writes all her own songs, she digs deep into her heart, her experiences, and her observations, as a student of how life works.

Undeniably, an original and restless talent, with a powerful stage force, James Elizabeth has created songs with rap veterans E-40 and Too Short, and has teamed up with Mike Mosley. Her stellar radio single, "Shoulda Been Good" featuring E-40, has a powerful groove, with amazing lyrics. "I always knew I wanted to be a singer", says James, "I have always been very independent, and I moved out when I was 15." She began a relationship with a guy who eventually became abusive. That's when her creative juices really started to flow, writing heart felt lyrics about relationships and abuse. James Elizabeth would like to eventually start a foundation for battered and abused women, having had similar experiences.

James graduated early from high school, and started going to college in Napa, also working 2 waitress jobs, saving every penny. She moved to LA with 2 girlfriends, living in a one-bedroom apartment. She was unable to afford a TV, so James and her roommates watched TV in the lobby. It was at that Hollywood apartment when her big break began; she was singing a Mariah Carey song, a record producer by the name of Father MC was getting off the elevator and came over to ask who was singing. She met his boss, Paul Rosenbaum, which landed James her first record deal under Empire MusicWerks, a sub label of BMG. James Elizabeth recorded under the name Adeja Benz, her first single, "Ridin Solo," became a big hit in Germany, and can still be heard on I tunes. She then met Mike Mosley, a Bay Area music producer, who worked with Tupac, and is also the father of Mob Music. She convinced Mike Mosley's manager to let her sing over the phone to audition for him, as well as sending him a picture of her. Since then he has produced songs for James with the top rappers in the bay, E40, and Too Short. She recently has been working with the Sacramento based, very talented Big Hollis and Preach.

James Elizabeth music reflects her past. Her influences are everyone from Stevie Nicks, Otis Redding, Michael Jackson, Eagles, Al Green and BB King. She also likes Billy Joel's and Linda Perry's song writing.

James Elizabeth describes her style as sexy psycho pop. Packed into her little body, (5'3 - blonde hair and blue eyed) are amazing pipes with an endless range! She is a cross between Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani. James Elizabeth's music honors harmony and runs a rich course through Pop, Hip Hop. and R&B. James is a stunner, who brings to the stage all of her assets, with a huge voice and enormous personal charisma. Feisty and fearless, James is a dancer, an actress, but first and foremost a powerhouse singer.

James Elizabeth is driven and irresistible, and at 23, she's ready to take the world on.