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james esco

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Coming from a socially conscious punk rock background and maintaing a deep love of people everywhere, I aim to elevate the awareness of things that transpire in the world that the average person is too busy to notice.


Growing up listening to Dead Kennedys and Bad Religion instilled in me the idea that music can be educational, informative and enjoyable to listen to. Developing a deep appreciation of folk music later gave me a glimpse into the power of the spoken word and how people can be moved at their very core by a carefully worded verse.
By shunning the paths tread by most who enter the "rap game" and keeping true to the yes, yes, ya'll attitude of Hiphop, my songs are not filled with references to money and material possesions, for what does it benefit a man to gain the world but lost his soul? I will never write a rhyme to make a buck and have mostly issued free albums for people to hear as the true test of talent is not record sales but connection to the listener.
Utilizing samples from movies, television, records, voicemails, video games and basically anywhere, I carefully craft a collage of sound that imparts upon the listener a message which can vary greatly from song to song. Overall I want everyone to take away from my music something they had not known, be it a tidbit of useful information or just a cool sounding rhyme.
Over the course of my fledgling carreer I have made connections and collaborated with MC's from one end of the planet to the other, from Kizo-cho, Japan to Bristol, England to Perth, Australia.
I am currently featured on at least to albums independantly released in Japan and will be releasing my first solo album before the end of 2007.


James Esco "James Esco Presents the Poor Masters" USA

S-master and James Esco "Masters Of Phaser-Fu"

Set List

1. What Will They Dig Up 1:19
2. Masters Of War* 1:46
3. Heroes (The Wake Up Call) 3:59
4. Things Are Broken 2:31
5. It Aint Him To Blame 4:08
6. The Passage Of Purpose 3:37

*(Bob Dylan Cover)