James Gilmore

James Gilmore


The music is a lyrical mix of singer-songwriter, folk, and rock, driven by passionate vocals and intricate lyrics.


James Gilmore was born on January 4th, 1990 in Machias, Maine. After several moves the Gilmore family settled in Eliot, Maine where James started taking guitar lessons. Shortly thereafter, he began dabbling in songwriting which would eventually consume the majority of his time. In school, he met guitarist-songwriter Jacob Beach, with whom he started the band GreenerSide consisting mostly of acoustic rock music. Gilmore continued his music career when he went to the University of Maine. There he met drummer Brian Harris, guitarist Adam Mullen, and bassist Luke Finnemore. They began playing out regularly, developing a strong college following under the name 2 Days Later, playing heavier verisions of Gilmre's original songs as well as 90's hard rock covers. Soon, Gilmore began working on a solo album that encompassed all the different styles of his music career. The album "Free Questions for Answer," was released on November 6th, 2010. Then, James began working on a new solo album that would focus on lyrical music in comparison to his pop rock past. The singer-songwriter/folk/acoustic rock album would be called "Hurt N' Wrong" after its title track and is set to be released in the Fall 2012.


Hurt N' Wrong - Fall 2012

Set List

Hurt N' Wrong
For The Mourning
I Sent A Letter
North Thru South Dakota
Could I Be Anyone
Alone With Ghosts
Black Dimes