James Hand

James Hand


James is traditional country with a rockabilly swing. He plays original music along with many favorites from years gone by. Willie Nelson has described James Hand as "the real deal". Ray Benson and Lloyd Maines say he's the best kept secret in country music today. They are all correct!!


Born in a small town outside of Waco, Texas - it seemed that life steered James Hand toward the life of a country singer. James didn't choose the life he lives, it chose him. Perhaps when he sat on Lefty Frizzell's lap when he was six months old, fate had already been decided for him. There is nothing fake, false, or counterfeit about James Hand, which is why Willie Nelson calls him "The Real Deal!" To hear James Hand is to love his music, and once you’ve been entranced by his sound, you won’t be able to get enough of it.

Ray Benson and Lloyd Maines have called James “the best kept secret in country music today” and have produced his last two albums on Rounder Records. James’ band members include Will Indian on lead guitar, the legendary Speedy Sparks on bass, and John McGlothlin rounding it out on the drums. When available, Cindy Cashdollar adds to the band with her fantastic steel guitar festival .

If you happen by a bar and you hear the lonesome moan of a singer rifting from inside who tells a story of heartache and misery, or perhaps an upbeat rockabilly song about being chased by the rabid dog of an ex, you may be hearing James Hand. Step inside and give a listen, you will never regret it.


Shadows Where The Magic Was - 1999
Live at the Saxon Pub - 2001
Evil Things - 2003
The Truth Will Set You Free - 2006
Shadow on the Ground - 2009
Live at the Luminaire in London - 2010

Set List

Set List varies depending on venue. We mix original material with crowd favorites. Our repertoire is vast.