James Harper

James Harper


James Harper's music transcends musical boundaries.
Primarily acoustically driven, his songs tell stories that
bring mainstreet America to the twilight zone and back
in search of the mysteries of the heart.


Growing up listening to classical and folk music, James
developed into a singer-songwriter whose work also
reflects pop, rock, and country influences. The story
and mood shape the sound of his songs. Listeners
might find a spiritual or love ballad delivered with the
precision of a classical guitar piece--and it works.


His first CD, titled "All Come Home," will be released by
Driftwood Hearts Music in summer 2003. His song lists
and lyrics can be accessed online at this web site:

Set List

James Harper has written over 150 songs, including
instrumentals for theater and commercials. His sets
are typically 45 minutes to one hour in length and
he primarily performs his own compositions with the
occasional cover song, traditional folk song, or pop
instrumental such as "Classical Gas" tossed in the mix.