James Harries

James Harries


James Harries is a unique singer-songwriter who blends his versatile crooning with subtle and intricate folk sensibilities. His incorporation of straight ahead rock and acoustic aesthetics diversify his musical catalog, and give his performances a large dynamic range to captivate audiences.


A British singer-songwriter with “a golden voice“ (Rolling Stone) and sounding like “a strange mix of something between Jeff Buckley and Oasis“ (Vanity Fair). James has critics scrambling around for comparisons to such distinguished musicians as Tom Waits, Violent Femmes, Tim Buckley and Damian Rice, to name but a few.

James took a trip to Prague a few years ago after busking the streets of Paris with his guitar. Whilst in Prague James met a young lady, learned the lingo, got married and ended up taking residence in the Czech Republic (a fast worker). Since his initial trip James has built an extensive fan base around Europe.

James learned his craft the old fashioned way, performing live wherever possible, every night of the week. James’s unique sound springs from his diverse musical influences and experience. Throughout his career James has played saxophone in different jazz outfits, provided vocals/ guitar to various garage rock bands and even performed in two American country blues bands.

James has been on the road non-stop for the past four years, playing in bars, clubs, theatres and festivals throughout Europe; giving "hypnotic performances" (International Jazz Festivals review) and collecting glowing reviews for his live appearances. James played on his previous album The Straight Street Session with Emil Viklicky (one of the Czech Republic’s most famous pianist/ composers, who composed a melodrama for Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Centre Jazz Orchestra), and the highly sought after bass player Petr Dvorsky (winner of a Czech Grammy for best jazz album).

James has appeared on Austrian, Belgian, Czech, Dutch, German, Polish, Slovak radio and television. Between festival appearances, James took time out to write and perform Don’t Pinch Me for the Czech comedy Snowboardaci. In addition to this James recorded six more songs for the soundtrack. The film opened in cinemas November 2004 and became an instant hit, the soundtrack (Sony/BMG) a runaway success going platinum. Since then, he has worked on other films, and has had his music and creative efforts synched to European commercials and campaigns.


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