James Higgins and the Muddy Boots Band

James Higgins and the Muddy Boots Band

 Bellingham, Washington, USA

An eclectic blend of Scottish Americana folk-rock and blues - infectious, fun, upbeat with environmental and political undercurrents, danceable, family-friendly


James Higgins and the Muddy Boots Band began playing together in May 2008 and realized that they had something special: an irresistible musical chemistry that even fans can't help but notice and tap their feet to. The band immediately began performing in and around Bellingham that summer and has since been gigging regularly throughout the Puget Sound area. Their repertoire has been described as infectious, fun, upbeat blues and folk rock with environmental and political undercurrents, danceable and family-friendly - great blues, rock, and folk brewed in Scotland, bottled in America.

Band leader and singer/songwriter James Higgins, a native of Scotland, spent years traveling throughout continental Europe playing music on the streets, in pubs and at festivals. In addition to his own songs, Higgins also has an endless repertoire of cover songs ranging from Scottish/Irish traditional to acoustic folk, rock and blues a la Neil Young, Bob Dylan, JJ Cale, Rolling Stones, Bert Jansch, Dougie Maclean, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, to name just a few. During those years, he played almost every corner of the Continent before moving to the Pacific Northwest. Along his winding route he wrote a huge repertoire of songs and drew countless sketches of the places and faces he passed. His music is a blend of hobo blues and haunting folk melodies that often reflect his life and thoughts on the road. James Higgins drifted into Bellingham some years ago, where he bumped into the members of the Muddy Boots Band. They are Donald Denney on Bass, Charlie Baker on Guitars & Vocal Harmony, Phil Sottile on pedal steel guitar, and Justin (TREE) Erikson on Drums. Together they take Higgins's naturally spooky sound and imprint it with their own irrepressible, irresistible muddy stomp.

James Higgins currently has eight CDs available through www.cdbaby.com. To see videos and hear clips, please visit www.myspace.com/jhmbb and www.jameshigginsmusician.com.

CD Releases:
Though the band has not yet released their own CD, Higgins has several CD releases which include: Crawling out the Woodwork, The Sad Heart of Verdun, Drop in a Fall, Passing Story, Verse Chorus Train, Summair (Scottish and Irish ballads), Neilston, and Driftwood (his most recent). Most of these releases are available at http://cdbaby.com/all/jameshiggins.


Crawling out the Woodwork
Sad Heart of Verdun
Drop in a Fall
Passing Story
Verse, Chorus, Train

Set List

Repetoire includes an eclectic mix of James' original material, classic old blues, Scottish and Irish folk, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Bert Jansch, JJ Cale, Eric Clapton, Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, AC/DC, and more.

The set list is customized to meet the venue's occasion/audience, be it family-friendly festival or rocking out biker bar, college students who want to dance til they drop or folk music lovin' fans.

Here is just one sample:

Who'll rock that Cradle (Amer. Traditional)
In the Boardhouse (Travelling Wilburys)
Baby Please Don't Go (Muddy Waters)
Automatic Pilot (James Higgins)
One Step on Broadway (James Higgins)
Blowing Down the River (James Higgins)
Dandelion (James Higgins)
Chocolate Girl (James Higgins)
Christiana (James Higgins)
Travelling Bag (James Higgins)
Can't Keep Me (James Higgins)
Enjara (James Higgins)
Chuckanut Drive (James Higgins)
Spoonful (James Higgins)
Bootlegger's Blues (American Trad.)
Blackberry Pie (James Higgins)