James Hollingsworth

James Hollingsworth

 Bristol, England, GBR

Voice of an angel and space-age guitar.


"young Bristol-based guitar wizard" - 5 best gigs - The Independent

James Hollingsworth has a unique, complex acoustic guitar style, reminiscent of Andalusian guitar fusing elements of folk, blues, trance, metal and psychedelic rock. Since turning professional in 2006, he's had BBC airplay on 6Music, toured as far West as Cornwall, as far East as Kent & as far North as Lancashire, notably at Priddy Folk Fayre, Two Rivers Festival, Bath Fringe Festival, Winter's End Festival + supports for Cara Dillon, Hazel O'Connor, Nick Harper, 60's legends It's a Beautiful Day and Barry 'The Fish' Melton (of Country Joe and The Fish), who said:

"It was truly a phenomenal experience hearing James Hollingsworth's music, I know now that the tradition of groundbreaking music is in good hands. Thank you, James – Barry Melton." - Barry 'The Fish' Melton (of Country Joe and The Fish),


'Two and Two' - (2010) EP of 5 songs including 3 recorded live at St George's Hall, Bristol.
'The Joyful Returning' - compilation of more far-out stuff and more requests (2009)
'Precession of the Albums' - compilation of most-requested originals (2009)
'Eight Your Nature' - (2008)
'Seventh String' - (2007)
'Coming Home to Stay' - (2007)
'Sinking without You' (with rock band JEBO, produced by John Burns) - (2006 + 2008 in Germany Otte Music)
'Alive in 2005' - (2005)
'Snapshot' - EP (2004)
'Long Way Out' - (2003)
'40 Minutes of Peace' - (2002)
'Improvisations 27' - (1997)

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