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You Don't Know

Written By: James Howard

You Don’t Know, I’ll Love You Always

I know our time together has not been long at all.
But sometimes you don’t have to know a person long to take the fall.
I’d like to let you know a thing or two.
I would just like to speak my mind.
I should’ve opened myself up to you.
But my feelings they were hard to find.

You know I sit up at night I can’t get any sleep.
I’m kind of feeling that we are in way too deep.
My thoughts, they run wild, they’re out of control.
All these sleepless nights, they’re going to take a toll.
You’re in my head now, and I can’t let you go.
I know that it’s hard, you might think but you don’t know.

You’ve got me in awe you’ve got me mesmerized.
It’s what you do to me when I look into your eyes.
It’s the things that you say the things that you do.
I can’t explain it it’s my strong attraction for you.
You know something else you are in my dreams.
I have visions of you, you might think I’m crazy, it just seems.

You can’t help it, you can’t see.
You don’t know what you’re doing to me.
You can’t tell it, you can’t foresee.
You don’t know what we’re destined to be.
Well, I know I’ll love you all my days.
Darling, you don’t know I’ll love you always.

You’ve captured my heart you’ve captured my attention.
You’ve played games with me more than I care to mention.
You’ve got me messed up you’ve messed up my mind.
You’ve confused my thoughts and now they’re so hard to find.
You’ve made me feel weak you’ve been so unkind.
You’ve closed both your eyes, don’t you see that you’re blind.

Girl, I want you to know what I’ve been thinking of.
You need to hear it, everything from me, my love.
I want to tell you, tell you what’s inside.
Tell you what I feel, cause it ain’t easy to hide.
It comes from my mind it comes from my heart.
I need you to know I’ve felt this way since the start.


I know there’ll be tears I know that you’ll cry.
I know you’ll feel bad, can’t you stop living this lie.
I know that it hurts I know that you’re scared.
But what you don’t know is that he just never cared.
Like the way I do I will treat you right.
So come on baby open up and see the light.

You know I can tell can tell what you feel.
I know what you’re thinking yes it is so surreal.
The pain of the heart, it’s the situation I guess.
Emotions run wild they’re so hard to express.
But when it’s said and done, you still don’t have a clue.
You don’t know I can’t stand the thought of losing you.


I should’ve realized right from the start.
I should’ve known better, but my mind was blocked by my heart.
And sometimes I wish that we never met.
I’d like to just say that I just want to forget.
Forget what we had forget what we were.
Cause at this moment I’m feeling way too unsure.

So I’m finding it hard I can’t let you go.
Cause to say the least, we were really close and you know.
I was your lover, your friend, your guy.
But know all I can do is just sit here and cry.
Thinking about what I really do miss.
Holding you babe, and the soft touch of your sweet kiss.

When you say the things you do,
I know you haven’t thought it through.
So why don’t you open up and listen.
Let me teach you let me reach you,
And show you what you’re missin’.
Let me tell you let me help you see,
What you have…found in me.

And so I leave you with this my sweetie.
It comes from my heart, to you, from me.
I know that I don’t have a lot to share with you, but I’m not going to fake it.
One thing I’ll offer to you babe is my unconditional love, if you’ll take it.