James Jernigan

James Jernigan

 Lake Ridge, Virginia, USA

"Once in a while an artist comes along that isn't following the herd. Folks, it looks like there's hope for pop music after all! Lay down your plate and turn off american idol. This is the real deal! Decca turned down the Beatles. Don't make the same mistake!" Dr. Melvin Bullfeathers


He was born in 1956 and grew up a child of the 60's listening to everything. Absorbing it all. He was a quiet child that did not get into too much trouble most of the time. He started playing guitar around the age of 10. He would rather listen to records or play his guitar rather than be outside participating in common sport, especially football, which he hates.

He has been hearing songs in his head all of his life. He writes them down on scraps of paper and often misplaces them.

In 1965 he managed to convince his mother to purchase a copy of "I Feel Fine". He took it home and wore it out. Watching the orange and yellow swirls go 'round and 'round. Recently he said "I still smell the aroma of felt being warmed by unseen tubes when I hear that song. I practically dug a groove all the way to "She's A Woman" I listened to it so many times".

He sat in the shadows spellbound watching Elvis Presley stroll back and forth on the stage one night. "He was like a god or something. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. Never has any man had such presence on stage before or since."

He does not want to be on American idol. He loves to fish. He is at an age where he only cares about the important things. He hates pretension. He is a trained photographer and graphic artist. He loves to travel and see the world. He loves Hawaii and plans to move there after he gets rich and famous.

He intends to present his art to the world on his own terms.


London Rain

Written By: James Jernigan

London Rain
It feels a lot like London Rain
Gliding / Sliding down a window pane
But I can't complain
It's London Rain

London Rain
Take one more look then board the train
I've been to France but not to Spain
But it's all the same
Like London Rain

Mind the Gap
Keep on track It'll get you back if you follow the map
Pounds and pence
Don't be crass
buy a weekly pass at the Queen's expense
Experience and you'll see pigeons flocking to a well known square
They'll be people snapping pictures everywhere

I don't know why we do it like we do
Up in the sky the clouds are clear and blue
But it all comes down to me and you
Like London Rain


First LP "These Days" released February 2009. Available on itunes, digstation, CDbaby.com, Bestbuy.com, or jamesjernigan.net

Set List

No intention of performing at this time. Songwriter / Studio Musician. All original material. Recent Songs, Plight of the Social Graces, London Rain, Love You Lover, I Really Don't Know, This World, Reason, Not So Sure, Flowing Wells, On Pelton (201), Here We Are, These Days, Teapot Dome.