James Johnston

James Johnston



Startes singing at age 5. Loved rock and country. Have duo with mate doing clubs and partys mainly rock and favourites. Just started to write my own songs. So far have some good country rock and contemporary ballads.


So Quiet Tonight

Written By: James Johnston

Like a boat lost in the ocean
I've been sailing through my emotions, in the deep red sea.
All alone with no direction and no comprehension of whats just happened to me.
Oh cause when your hearts braking and it feels like its been aching for a lifetime and a but its just a day.
Lying awake at night and thinking trying to revisit all the times all the moments we had.
Cause you don't know what youv'e got
until its gone from you.
So show her how you feel
If it doesnt work out right
It'll be allright
But it's so quiet.
So we're on the phone to eachother
Trying to talk it over.
Where I went wrong and that I can change.
But I knew it could'nt happen
and there was no satisfaction in the thought I would never see you again.

You should never take anything for granted.
For as easy as it comes it goes.
Oh I know it sounds cliche but it's ok cause it's just the way I feel.
But it's allright it's just one night
Yeh I'll be allright it's just one night.
Repeat change key.
Its so quiet
Its so quiet
Its so quiet but I'm allright it's just one night.
It's just one night.


Nothing yet. Hoping.