James Low

James Low


Like the finer brands of Tequila, these songs go down with a slow, warm burn. Whether with a rocking road house band,or spacious and alone, James Low's songs shine with the best.


Born and raised in rural Oregon. Musically trained in New York City, in the classroom and on the streets. A resident of Portland Or, since 1995 James has released three Cd's, with a fourth on the way. James is a distinctive and top notch songwriter.



Written By: James Low

Walking in to town on Sunday morning
I saw your Daddy sleeping naked in the yard.
Saturday I'd seen him in a Mexiquita bar. Liquor in his eyes, your dust around his heart.

I climbed through the window
so my Momma wouldn't see,
that I was all dressed up
and you were waiting there for me.
Cause even from her bed she usually knows just where I've been.
So I went down to see you before you take another man.


Mexiquita don't you know you own me. Just like you owned my daddy come before.
Your dust will fill my mouth if I go north or I go south. Or if I'm killing time at the bar.

I was born in sickness
a fever in my brain.
My Momma was told I'd never live
to see that driving rain.
But see that rain I did and lord
it comes down mighty hard.
Now I've grown to see you wrap yourself around my heart.

Dont you know you own me.
Just like my Daddy come before.



Mexiquita 2000
Blackheart 2002
Live at Mississippi Studios 2004
The Blackguard's Waltz 200?
Songs from all records have been or are currently being played on a variety of FM and Internet radio stations.