James Moran

James Moran

 Austin, Texas, USA

A hurricane Katrina refugee from New Orleans moved to Austin, Texas with nothing but an acoustic guitar and some songs he wrote.


James Moran was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana in October of 1984. He lived there until Hurricane Katrina in 2005. After the hurricane James started traveling the Southern United States playing his music in as many places as possible. He settled in Austin, Texas early in 2008 and has become an established musician in Austin and the surrounding cities. James focuses on the acoustic guitar and vocals. His approach to song writing comes from his background in the church, though he is not involved in any religion today. If you were to ask James what genre he falls into he wouldn’t know how to answer you. He wants his music to be considered “Soul”.


Agree to Disagree

Written By: James Moran

Verse 1:
I wish there was a way for you to see thing from my point of view.
The complex motivations for the things I say and do.
I know you think these are just big dreams, but there not as farfetched as they seem,
So I'll save my explanations until after they come true.

'Cause I've got big plans for me, and I can't help it if you think I'm strange.
I'm out to make some history. I've got a gift to share and a world to change.

I know that you don't think sadistically,
But you can't think artistically,
And if we look at this statistically,
I guess I don't think realistically.
But living like this is killing me, so why don't we agree to disagree?

Verse 2:
I'm tired of the games we play, but they seem to go on anyway.
When it comes to winning arguments you know exactly what to say
To make me raise my voice at you, and the problem is I often do,
And yelling is an action that you usually repay.

-Repeat Chorus-

-Repeat Bridge-

-Repeat Chorus-

Dying Alone

Written By: James Moran

Verse 1:
I dreamt last night of yesterdays, when this all still seemed so real.
It was nice to have that peace, I'd forgotten how it feels.
I awoke to a phone call, and nothing was as it seemed.
Oh why did it have to be a dream?

Cuz there's nothing like being brought to life when death is all you've known,
And it's hard to make excuses when you've seen all that I've been shown.
So don't waste your time giving me wings cuz I feel like I've already flown,
And I hope you don't hold this against me, it's just better than dying alone.

Verse 2:
I ran into a friend today, and he asked me about us.
I lied and said that we were doing fine just to avoid the fuss.
And I'm pretty sure I'd change this if I had another try.
Oh why did it have to be a lie?

-Repeat Chorus-

It's hard not to rely on feelings when you can't keep your mind from reeling,
But there I go just making an excuse.
With it all to do again, I might change the way it ends,
But what would be the use?

Chorus 2:
Cuz there's nothing like being brought to life when death is all you've known,
And I know I'm just making excuses now, but I promise that I have grown,
So if I get the urge to fly again, then who cares if I've already flown,
You know maybe I might give living a try, I hear it's better than dying alone.

Jadi's Song

Written By: James Moran

Verse 1:
I'd be lying if I said to you, that I don't miss the way it was before.
Lately I really don't know what to do, because we can't disagree without it breaking out in war.

And you always said that you wanted me to write a song for you.
So if you happen to still be listening I hope this one will do.
Whether it's love or like or like or love, it's you I can't stop thinking of,
And I could try my best to walk away, but I won't make it too far,
Because I'm writing this song on your guitar.

Verse 2:
I stopped by to try to talk to you, and it bothered me to be ignored.
And I wonder if you miss me too, as I'm sitting up in my bed when I could be fast asleep in yours.

-Repeat Chorus-

So while I'm strumming all these chords I hope I'm striking one with you.
And while I'm singing all these words, you're hearing more than just a few.
And when all that's left are memories of when we used to sing along.
I just want you to remember me whenever you hear this your song.

Verse 3:
So many things I still have to say to you. So many things about you that I adore.
And I'm praying that you know it's true, when I'm saying that I love you, I could not mean it more.

-Repeat Chorus-


James Moran (Self-Titled, Acoustic Album)
Untitled (EP in production for December 2010 release)

Set List

Believe it or Not
Could Be
Home to Stay
Come What May
Least That I Could Do
Hope in You
Free Your Mind
Mea Culpa?
Dying Alone
Foolishness to You
Road to Nowhere
Agree to Disagree
Let Me In
Jadi's Song
Turned Out
Message to You

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