James Murdoch

James Murdoch

 Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

With a voice of gold, Western Canadian Music Award winner and multiple time nominee, James Murdoch performs with passion and grace. New CD was released in spring of '09 to much praise.
Performed at the 2010 Olympics.
Soulful, roots rock. A true performer and artist. A pleasure to watch.


Hailing from the frozen Yukon territory, James Murdoch brings you beautifully crafted, heart-warming songs that are a spectacular blend of roots wrapped in pop sensibility that highlight his powerful vocal talent.
James is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and has recorded 4 solo records.
James is also highly regarded as a producer having recorded many artists including Portland's Amy Seeley, Canada's Wheat Pool and rising Nashville star, Adam Gregory.
In 2003 James signed with Montreal based, Indica/Aquarius Records.
He has performed all over North America, from New York, Nashville and L.A. to his home town of Whitehorse Yukon.
James is equally at home on stage either solo, duo or with his full band.
His record, In Transit, was recorded in 2008 with Canadian superstar, Hawksley Workman.
It has since received high praise from press and public alike. Exclaim Magazine calls it, "An 18 Carat Wonder".
In Transit was nominated for 3 Western Canadian Music Awards in 2008.
James released a new album in the spring of 2009, "Wondering Where The Rush Has Gone".
He has toured the album relentlessly including 2 official concerts as part of the 2010 Winter Olympics where he garnered many fans from all over the globe.
James is currently in the studio, in pre-production of his next CD which will be out in April 2011.
The record is an organic, "live off the floor" capture of James' songs. It has a very "rootsy" feel, not overly produced, in the vein of Jason Collette, Amos Lee and Blue Rodeo.



Written By: james Murdoch/Dave Aide/ Tawgs


Just straight outta nowhere.
You hit me square.
I couldn't see past the moment.
Forgot to care.

And accidents will happen.
When you lose sight
of where you're going.
And we'll crash.
We walked away in pieces.
Holding on to all we could.
Against the odds.
At least we walked away.

Confidence can be dangerous,
when you're sailing, too far from shore.
But we've already been sunk Babe.
Rock bottom,
its only up from here.

At least we walked away.
Which is more than most can say.
So do we cut our losses.
And let the past destroy us.
We can leave the worst behind.
And make the best of this.
Now that we've departed,
do we leave together,
or leave here broken hearted?

Kings and Queens

Written By: James Murdoch


Turn. Look over your shoulder and see.
The reflection of how we used to be.
There used to be spaceships and submarines.
But now just what ifs and could have beens.

We used to dream.
Anything was possible.
We could be Kings and Queens.
Ruling our own destiny.
As the future came near,
we watched our dreams disappear.
Held on to all our fears.
And we let the kingdom fall.

Rewind. Taken back in time.
Erase these lessons and lines.
Treasures in hiding places;
Forgotten like yesterday's News.

Paint a picture from memory.
Drawing outside the lines.
Retracing history, every time.


2001 - Polyphonic (Independent release)
2004 - Between The Lines (Indica/Aquarius)
2007 - In Transit (Indica/Aquarius)
2009 - Wondering Where the Rush Has Gone (Shameless)