James Murdoch Band

James Murdoch Band


The James Murdoch Band's music is a spectacular blend of roots based, rock soaked melodies with a pop sensibility reminiscent of Crowded House with a twist of The Band. Great vocals, great band, great songs. "In Transit", produced by Hawksley Workman was released in November 2007. New album in 2009.


Yukon born and Edmonton based James Murdoch brings you beautifully crafted songs that are a spectacular blend of roots wrapped in pop sensibility that highlight his powerful vocal talent.
James is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and has recorded 4 solo records.
In 2003 James signed with Montreal based, Indica/Aquarius Records.
He has performed all over North America, from New York and L.A. to his home town of Whitehorse Yukon.
As well as being performer, he is also an accomplished producer and multi-instrumentalist.
James is equally at home on stage either solo, duo or with his full band.
His newest record, In Transit, was recorded last summer with Canadian superstar, Hawksley Workman.
It has since received high praise from press and public alike. Exclaim Magazine calls it, "An 18 Carat Wonder".
In Transit was nominated for 3 Western Canadian Music Awards in 2008.
James will be releasing a new album in the spring of 2009, just in time for the festival circuit.
The record is an organic, "live off the floor" capture of James' songs. It has a very "rootsy" feel, not overly produced, in the vein of Jason Collette, Amos Lee and Blue Rodeo.


Get What You Deserve

Written By: James Murdoch / Dave Laing

Get What You Deserve

I’ve got a shadow, hanging over
That reminds me of a time
When fear clung to my body,
Overpowering my mind
It was something in my nature
that I took for granted there.
I could have fought the instinct
But instead I didn’t dare

Downcast eyes
See no skies
So why not try
Until you… Get what you deserve

I flew across the ocean to another continent
A stones throw from another
But I forced my own content
That conviction didn’t stick
And now I’m living with regret
I guess actions equal outcomes
See the message in this mess

All that ends well
Never ends well at all.
In case you can’t tell,
I don’t need to watch you fall

The centre of attention
I always cracked a smile
Claiming inspiration
From a long forgotten style
At the heart of controversy
Always at someone’s expense
When it came down to the judgment
No one ran to my defense


Written By: james Murdoch/Dave Aide/ Tawgs


Just straight outta nowhere.
You hit me square.
I couldn't see past the moment.
Forgot to care.

And accidents will happen.
When you lose sight
of where you're going.
And we'll crash.
We walked away in pieces.
Holding on to all we could.
Against the odds.
At least we walked away.

Confidence can be dangerous,
when you're sailing, too far from shore.
But we've already been sunk Babe.
Rock bottom,
its only up from here.

At least we walked away.
Which is more than most can say.
So do we cut our losses.
And let the past destroy us.
We can leave the worst behind.
And make the best of this.
Now that we've departed,
do we leave together,
or leave here broken hearted?

Give Me Your Love

Written By: James Murdoch


You are a dangerous distraction.
Better write a retraction.
And set the record straight.
Restless with anticipation.
Got a fine reputation.
And I just can't wait.

How long will it be?
Baby please.

You've got a five star figure.
Better pull the trigger.
And end my misery.
So smooth, I shake and I shiver.
Better stand and deliver.
Cold Hearted Lover.

Thick enough to be thieves
But we were raised better than that weren’t we?


Written By: James Murdoch/Jeen O'Brien


The tire went flat
on the overpass.
I'm kicking my ass,
cuz I never meant.
No, I never planned.
To leave this fast.
My actions and intentions seem,
like strangers who will never meet.

I just can't feed.
This endless need for transportation.
The cracks in the concrete lead,
to another restless destination.
All's well that end's well Dear.

On the side of the road's,
where I'm leaving it.
Broken down,
useless piece of shit.
No I never thought,
about the cost.
I grab my phone,
kick in the door.
Cuz I don't like this any more,
than you.

For what it's worth,
I loved you dear.

For what it's worth, my body's sore.
I'm wondering what I'm standing for.
My actions and intentions seem,
like strangers who will never meet.

Kings and Queens

Written By: James Murdoch

Look over your shoulder and see.
The refelection of how we used to be.
There used to be spaceships and submarines.
But now just what ifs and could have beens.
We used to dream.
Anything was possible.
We could be kings and queens,
ruling our own destiny.
As the future came near, we watched our dreams disappear.
Held on to all our fears.
And we let the kingdom fall.

Taken back in time.
Erase these lessons and lines.
Treasures in hiding places.
Forgotten like yesterday's news.


Paint a picture from memory.
Drawing outside the lines.
Retracing history every time.

Something to Hold On To

Written By: James Murdoch

Find myself trying.
All the time, all the time.
Identifying with what I've done and
what I'll do.
A lifetime deciding
if what I want is what I need.
What is defining
the difference in between.

Give me something
to believe, to believe.
Feed me some conviction and
give me faith,
without a name.

Find myself lying.
To myself. Such a fool.
Excusing behaviour
that undermines my very soul.

Give me something
to hold on, hold on to.
A conscience of conveinience
is not enough
to get me through.

Shooting Stars

Written By: James Murdoch

Why don't we,
catch the wind, take a spin
Leave it all behind.
That's what she
said to him on a whim.
Let's just see what we might find.

Pack your bags, hit the road
your favorite songs and memories.
Pack your bags, don't forget
that down that road's
a whole lifetime.

You're looking one way
and it hits you from another.
Puts you upside down
and that's when you discover
that the chances you take
and the hearts that you break
can only come from the choices
you make.

She said,
Where would you be if you could be some where else right now?
Who would you be if you could be someone else somehow?
He said;
Here we are, Shooting Stars
burning bright and shining.
So, you be you, I'll be me
Let's just see what comes along

You're looking one way
and it hits you from another.
Puts you upside down
and that's when you discover
that the chances you take
and the hearts that you break
can only come from the choices
you make.
So break a few hearts,
say a few lines
You're only a star if you let yourself

You gotta shine,
Shine in your own light.


Written By: James Murdoch, Andrew Cash

Let's find ourselves
where the river runs,
the tree line starts and
the highway ends.
Clocks stand still.
We've just got time to kill.

Dawn's light is golden
as it touches your skin.
We're still in bed,
when the evening begins.
You're so lovely.
As the sun goes down.

Good night, my love.
Good night, my love.
The sleepless stars above
Are up all night
Watching over us.

Firelight burns up the last of the day
melts our worries
and warms our hearts again.
Glass of wine.
Your hand in mine.


Traffic holds my day
like concrete bookends.
Sun up and sundown again.
But we're gonna
break that pattern,
cuz out here, nothing else matters.


Picture It All

Written By: James Murdoch

I can't sleep the whole night through
Time slows down.
Time is a part of you.
A thousand different ways.
To get yourself to a single place.
Watch your distance,
watch your health.
Nothings worse than a man who can't control himself.
Lost communiques.
Sent out into outer space.

Take it all.
Take it all away.

It's alright, it's all fine.
Same thing every day
every time.
An age of extremes
Where no one talks and no one dreams.

Take it all.
Take it all away.

I wanna picture it all.
(Don't wanna dream before I fall)

Flick on the tube.
T.V. screen.
Take a look at the ultimate reality.
Take it all away.
It's coming through now
in waves.
Of death-defying, double takes
Take it all away.


So take back the photograph
and the over-exposed
subject with it.
A picture only shows
the basic facts.
Cuz I've been dreaming
black and white.
A sleep that has no colour in it.
A snapshot of me falling through the cracks.


Lift You Up

Written By: James Murdoch

Everyday it's something new
They show you black and tell you blue
So you walk the line between the two
You're worn so thin you can see right through to your
broken down frame.
Baby take a break.
You've had all you can take now.

I'll lift you up like a hot air balloon.
And carry you over the mountains.
I'll pick you up and over the moon.
And raise your expectations.

Well they've got you surrounded.
And you feel like you could never win.
Like a specimen you're feeling
pinned down.
And on display.
With all of your mistakes now.


Let my love give you wings.
Let my love show you things.

Long Distance Love Song

Written By: James Murdoch

You and I are one in the same.
You love the sun and I hate the rain.
And though our hearts may beat together.
We can't share this sunset.
We can't share the weather.

Even though I can all you up.
Say I'm fine.
Hear you smile across the line,
There's 4 numbers in between us
And it feels so wrong.
This long distance love song.

Half of me makes it through
a whole day
While half of my world is
so far away.
An the telephone bills keep pouring in.
It's the only way
to know where I've been.


And the rain is pouring down today.
But the sun is shining on your face.
And pretty soon, we'll be together.
But it feels like forever,
when I'm dialing your number.

And it seems as though.
I'm spending my life on the telephone
Loving you from afar.
Together, but apart.
And these four small numbers
never felt so hard.

Even though I can all you up.
Say I'm fine.
Hear you smile across the line,
There's 4 numbers in between us
And it feels so wrong.
This long distance love song.
Even though I can call you up,
I'm hanging on every word you say.
But there's four numbers
in between us.
And it feels so wrong, this long distance love song.

False Alarm

Written By: James Murdoch

You called me up
crying again last night.
Saying, you don't know.
You don't know.
There was nothing I could say
to make it right.
Cuz you can't hear.
Past the sirens in your ears.
Just one more false alarm.

Cuz I'm not here to be your hero.
I'm not here to
keep you from the flames.
Like you're emergency exit.
Love is just your fire escape
Always there to keep you
safe from pain.
Like your emergency exit way.

There were no fires here.
Again you found yourself
in a safe place.
But what did you see babe?
What made you run?
What made you so afraid?
Just one more false alarm.


Love is your, Love is your escape.
Love is your, love is your escape.
You and I were as
real as you could fake.
Love is your, love is your escape.
Just one more false alarm.


-May 2009 "Wondering Where the Rush Has Gone"

-2007 "In Transit" produced by Hawksley Workman
Indica/Aquarius - Reached regular rotation on several HotAC stations nationally. Major support from CBC

-2004 Between the Lines; James Murdoch Band, Indica/Aquarius. two videos on regular rotation on Much Music.

-2002 Polyphonic; James Murdoch Band (Released under Alex Murdoch), Independent