James O'Connor

James O'Connor


Popular folk music, I’ve been compared to Nick Drake, Bob Dylan and Paul McCarthy. In the last twelve months I've played 41 gigs, and I have been asked back to all the venues and festivals, both here and in the UK. Key gigs include: supporting David Geraghty, Bill Coleman and The Walls.


James O’Connor with Audrey Trainor - James O’Connor, a 22 year musician from Laois, has been writing songs for the last number of years. Last year marked James’ first appearance in the Irish Compilation charts with his playlisted track “Mr. Moon” and “Something Keeps Me” appearing on the top 5 album “Our Space”. After teaming up with Audrey Trainor, a classically trained violinist and music lecturer, from Omeath, who also appeared on the hit album, they have been performing all around Ireland and the UK and are returning to Dylan Fest in Moville this week!

After Dylan Fest, James and Audrey are heading to record in the famous “Sun Studio”, which is considered the “Birthplace of Rock N’ Roll” has seen many great artists record there such as the “Millionaire Dollar Quartet”; Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis & Carl Perkins and of course Ireland ’s U2 to mention a few. As a result of his new recording venture, James has written a number of songs which he may record in Memphis , such as “All too much” and “Falling Up”, which are intended to be released on a new EP towards the end of the year. While in America , James and Audrey are taking the opportunity to perform in New York and Philadelphia , and he is currently waiting to confirm additional gigs in both Nashville and Memphis .

Quotes – Live
“This man is going to be a star” – Mary Kavanagh, The Leinster Express, October 2007.

Quotes – Live
“It was heady stuff with Bob Dylan’s ‘All along the watchtower’ being given a thorough workout culminating in an encore and boisterous crowd singalong of ‘All too much’” Michael Tracey, The Laois Nationalist, May 2008.

Quotes – Live
"That was absolutely brilliant” June Carley, Midlands 103FM, May 2008.

Quotes – On recorded work
“It has warm strings, plaintive harmonica and a pleasant vocal on an impressive song” Jackie Hayden speaking about “The Rain – 2008”, May 2008.

Quotes – On recorded work
“Other highlights include the acoustic stylings of James O’Connor and his song “Mr. Moon”, which recalls the melodic, dreamy song – writing of Nick Drake” – John Cleary, The Kilkenny Advertiser, April 2007.”


2006 - "Second Hand Time", a 12 song album - released locally in Portlaoise.
2007 - "Mr. Moon" which was playlisted and "Something keeps me" - featured on the top 5 album "Our Space".
2008 - Digital EP was issued to members of James' mailing club. This featured "Mr. Moon", "Something keeps me" and "The Rain 2008".
2008 - A new EP, featuring four new songs, including "All too much", "Falling Up", "Always" and "Give in to loneliness". The EP will be recorded in July and August, partly in the famous Sun Studios, Memphis and while Willie Demange will record the additional tracks and produce the EP in Dublin. It will be released in October this year.

Set List

A full show can and often runs up to three hours, which would include a set list similar to this:

Falling Up – original
Good Friday Morning – original
To be happy – original
Give in to loneliness – original
Be yourself – original I an a rock – Paul Simon
Waiting in line – original
All too much – original
Pistol Slapper blues – Rory Gallagher
Highway Man – Johnny Cash/Willie nelson/Chris Khristopherson/Waylin Jennings
Hurt – Nine Inch Nails (Huge Johnny Cash hit)
Clocks – Coldplay
Bitter Sweet Symphony - Verve
In the end – original
Up the junction – Squeeze
On the ridge – original
Touch and go – original
Super trooper – ABBA
The Rain – original
I shall be released – Bob Dylan
Mr Moon – original
All along the watchtower – Bob Dylan
Clocks – Coldplay
All too much – original
A millionaire – original
I used to be – original
Trailin the true star – Roesy
Always – original

If I'm opening a show for someone else, I normally play originals and two covers.