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Hollywood, California, United States

Hollywood, California, United States
Band Metal Rock


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"Music Infusion Review: Down For the Count"

Musicinfusion.com reviews ’Down For The Count’


I've been saying for years that the bands putting out the best metal nowadays are unsigned, and now I have proof. Hailing from Los Angeles California, Jameson are here to knock the metal world on it's ass. Taking the "hard work over a gimmick" approach, they've just self published their debut album "Down for the Count", and I have to say it's one of my favorite albums so far this year. They combine superb musicianship with catchy riffs to assemble songs that are instantly memorable, something a lot of thrash bands struggle with.

One of my favorite things about the band has to be the fact that they aren't afraid to show they're having fun, and don't take themselves too seriously. From tongue in cheek song titles like "Get to the Choppa" and "Rocktimus Prime", to calling bass player J.B. the "low frequency love machine operator" they show that metal doesn't always have to be so serious. When it comes to the music itself though, it's all business. From vocalist Matt's guttural screams to the searing leads of "shredstick" operators Dan and Ben the album is an unrelenting sonic blast to the gut...in a good way. Make no mistake, this is metal for true metal fans. There's nothing watered down or dumbed down about this album, and that's the best part. The members of Jameson are true metal fans and that shows through in their writing and performing. If you're tired of the crap the record companies keep pumping out to us, this album is for you.

I really can't recommend this album enough. Lots of albums drop into my lap, and I'm always skeptical of new metal bands because they just have a tendency to sound the same. That's not the case with Jameson. They put their own spin on conventional thrash metal and it's a welcome one. Do yourself a favor and check them out at www.myspace.com/jamesontheband and buy their album!

- MusicInfusion.com

"Sgt. Sancho Powers Review: Down For The Count"

Sgt. Powers shows you the glorious light (of our new album)


"Scrolling down the track list for the new Jameson disc Down For The Count, you might be amused, you might think they're just a bunch of long haired goofballs from California, or your curiosity might get the better of you and you might actually tear into that bullet proof plastic that they wrapped the CD in and find out what the hell kind of song GET TO THE CHOPPAH is. I'm warning you now, regardless of your choice, don't let the comical hijinks fool you.

Jameson brings some serious shit to the table. And if you're not prepared for this, you will get yourself hurt.

Where some metal acts like to lead off a release with a buildup, or some other kind of intro, Jameson skips any and all formalities and starts tearing your ass out of the frame from the get go. A power ballad for track 2? You'd be wrong again. Filler songs? You must be out of your fucking mind. There is no let up at any time from anyone during the next 42 minutes. While 3 of the songs are just updated songs from their previous effort Keep The Change, the other seven are pure ass stomping, nut dragging metal. And by nut dragging, I mean you being held naked out of a speeding vehicle and forced to have your testicles scraping asphalt.

What impressed me most about this disc was that it showcased every single member's talent. Matt shows he can do more than just scream like he's having a broken whiskey bottle pulled backwards out of his dick, Daniel and Ben have twin soloing down to an art form that will make you think waaaay back to the 80's when Iron Maiden used to do shit like that, JB's low end duties are flawless, and Chad's drumming would make Dave Lombardo shit himself. I can't say that you'll be an instant "number one fan" after giving DFTC a listen, but if you can't accept that you just heard an unsigned band part the hair on your ass in ways most of today's signed "artists" can't, then there is something seriously fucking wrong with you.

Not only does Sancho recommend Jameson's Down For The Count, he also recommends that you don't play this CD anywhere near old people. Have you ever seen a 98 year old woman explode? It ain't pretty.

It ain't pretty at ALL.

2 Sombreros UP"

-Sgt. "Sancho" Powers

- Sgt. Sancho Powers Blog


EP: Keep The Change (2006)
CD: Down For The Count (2008)



Formed in Hollywood, California, in February of 2006, Jameson has an intense groove that is the product of five well-educated and seasoned musicians (ages 23-27) who combine the classic elements of thrash with the modern metalcore underground to make an invigorating imprint on heavy music fans worldwide.

The genesis of Jameson began when lifelong friends Dan Ranada (guitar) and Jason Brennan (bass) attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. They began jamming and developed the riffs that would become "Keep the Change," Jameson's first EP.

Fortuitously, Matt Bomb, a singer from the New Jersey metal scene exploded on the L.A. landscape and the concussion caught the duo's attention. Matt introduced the band to his roommate and M.I. graduate, Chad Keith, whose solid, high-speed drumming technique gave Jameson the groove that took them to the next level.

In the Spring of 2007, M.I. graduate Ben Robbins' guitar stylings fused with Jameson. With a solid line-up in place, Jameson hit the practice studio and wrote the songs that eventually became their first CD, "Down For The Count."

The album created a buzz among local fans that solidified Jameson as a dominating force in the LA underground heavy music scene.

Jameson rocked the Van’s Warped Tour and became favorites at hometown clubs in Hollywood such as the Roxy, The Key Club, The Knitting Factory, and the Whisky a Go-Go. Jameson also has a strong following in the U.S. southwest, especially Arizona.

A favorite in the Myspace music scene, Jameson has an Internet fan base that spans four continents and yields multi-thousands of listeners worldwide, many of whom have purchased the band’s CD and other merch.

In 2009, Jameson embarked on a relentless touring schedule of the U.S. southwest and in 2010 delivered the goods to the U.S. northwest. Their unforgettable live shows make Jameson a headlining force to be reckoned with on stage and in the studio.

Jameson's song, "Get to the Choppah," was featured on an episode of the popular Fox TV series, "Bones." Three of the band members performed in the episode as well!

The band's song "Blood of the Queen" was featured on the trailer for the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" video game.

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