James Paul

James Paul


A smooth, soulful voice which delivers a unique spectrum of hip-hop, progressive R&B, and jazz which captures the sweet essence of creativity.


Who is James Paul? That’s a question many people are finding themselves asking. James Paul is a singer-songwriter/producer who exceeds the limitations of both titles. His work ethic has made him one of the most accomplished artists around. Mixing immaculately arranged compositions with powerfully soulful vocals, He evokes pure emotion with every note and has made a quick and sudden impact with his music. His performance speaks for itself.

His polished voice takes many shapes, different sizes, and creates an array of styles with a very soulful influence.

He grew up listening to his parents vocalize together. Music was always a major part of life. He began this love affair as a curios kid who was infatuated with making beats.
James Paul currently runs his own recording studio taking on the role of engineer, and executive producer for several local artists including Adam Case, Marrque Nunley, Rudy Love, Jr., and Ben Tyson. Music always been a passion and with the songwriting, production, and studio engineering talents that have developed, he is truly poised to be an artist and producer to be reckoned with, both locally and globally.

**** James Paul "Expression"***
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James Paul "Wanna Go" Single Release 2009

James Paul "Expression" 2008
"Song In My Heart"
"Learn To Love Ft. Marrque Nunley"
"Just For You"
"Heaven Ft. 2sm"
"Meet In The Middle"
"But You"
"Your Life Ft. Ben Tyson"
"I'll Love You For Always Ft. Rudy Love Jr."
"Things Aint The Same"
"Thinkin Bout You"

James Paul "A Short Story" 2005
"A Short Story"
"Everytime We Swing"
"Without Me"
"Drifting Away Interlude"
"In Heaven"
"Swing Remix"
"She's Gotta Go"
"Life Goes on"

Set List

Typical style- Progressive Soul, Pop, Rock

Song In My Heart
Meet In The Middle
A Short Story
The Rain Comes
Just For You
Find Your Life
Learn To Love
Wanna Go
As We Move
Last Chance
Memory Lane

Ordinary People
You Give Me Something
Wonderful World
Fly Me to The Moon
Sunday Morning
You and I
Whats Goin' On
Take Me Higher
Ces't La Vie