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James Rose

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2002 | INDIE | AFTRA

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 2002
Solo Alternative Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Sun Rays/Breathe Review"

This two-song release from Los Angeles-born, New Orleans-based James Rose showcases genuine singer-songwriter ability. “Sun Rays” thinks both wishfully and sanguinely about a romantic encounter, and “Breathe” uses natural imagery to paint a picture of young joie-de-vivre. This type of buoyancy is uncommon in today’s music scene. Rose’s tunes, and his overall approach to songwriting, are quite refreshing. His acoustic guitar styling is never overwrought: these songs couldn’t work if they were overplayed, and the arrangements are straightforward enough to support the song’s themes while never sounding bare. Warm and inviting, “Sun Rays” suggests a coffee-shop intimacy that’s quite enjoyable. Like Elliott Smith (his closest music-relative, stylistically speaking), Rose’s lyrics are at their deftest when they are at their simplest. In “Breathe,” with just a kiss of doe-eyed optimism (“Well it's life, it's love, it's time”) and a portrait of the childishness of stubborn negativity (“Please won't you come on/Down from the trees”), he reminds the listener how we choose to be happy and how easy it is to do so. The uplifting combination of “Sun Rays” and “Breathe” detoxes the narcissism and nastiness in a lot of today’s current music. - Anti-Gravity Magazine

"Single Release Show Promo"

A community of indie folk singer-songwriters has been blossoming on the periphery of New Orleans' jazz scene for the last few years. James Rose, a young guitarist often compared to Elliot Smith, has been a mainstay at these intimate gatherings. After a decade of performing under the radar, he's coming out with the long overdue singles "Sun Rays/ Breathe." His release show is Thursday (July 30) at 9 p.m. at the Allways Lounge in the Faubourg Marigny.

Rose will play Sun Rays/ Breathe, two acoustic guitar ballads which feel like the soundtrack to a memory. They take unexpected, but accessible musical turns fitting on a playlist with artists such as Iron and Wine and Radiohead. There will also be musical performances from singer-songwriters Vanessa DeGrassi and Adrienne Renee Edson of Parsley & Syrinx, Brian Yoder of Sha Sha Shaman and Benjamin London.

"I'm relieved that I'm finally getting something out there," Rose said. "I'm proud of these songs. I don't release a lot, because I'm very particular about having quality songs to put out and share."

Rose plans to build a recording studio in his Mid-City apartment and release a full album done on his 1987 eight track reel to reel tape recorder in Spring 2016. Sun Rays/ Breathe will be available for purchase at the Allways Lounge with homemade linoleum art prints. On Saturday (Aug. 1), they will be available for purchase at jamesrose.bandcamp.com. - NOLA.COM

"Sun Rays Review"

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Members: James Rose is James Rose.

For those who like: Elliott Smith, Mikal Cronin

Our take: James Rose is the every person’s singer-songwriter. With his poignant and engaging songwriting and a lush, acoustic sound a la Elliott Smith, Rose has the skills to be an indie star. His latest song, “Sun Rays”, is a subtly majestic masterpiece. With his soft falsetto and warm, embracing sound, “Sun Rays” just mesmerizes. It would be perfect to hear live while sitting around a campfire.

Other news: “Sun Rays” will officially be publicly available on August 1st. Later that month, James Rose will be doing a mini-tour to promote his work, traveling through Connecticut and stopping in New York City and potentially other destinations. Afterwards, he’ll return to New Orleans to record his new EP. You can hear his previous EP, Odd Hours for Dreaming, on SoundCloud or get it at Bandcamp (name your own price, but we suggest leaving a tip). The EP resonates of John Lennon shortly after the dissolution of The Beatles and Elliott Smith. - The Revue

"Folkie James Rose visits New London"

Without question, New Orleans is not just one of the greatest music cities in the world, it's one of the great cities in the world, period.

Having said that, it's also understandable why many New Orleans musicians get the hell outta town during August. Y'see, New Orleans in August is where Hell calls when they need some more heat and humidity.

Enter NOLA's James Rose, an indie-folk singer-songwriter whose tunes recall Sand Snowman, Jose Gonzales and Iron & Wine. Rose is on tour that keeps him out of the Louisiana meteorological miasma and brings him to New London Friday for a show in 33 Golden. See what you think; he's got an endearing confessional quality that's quietly appealing. - The Day

"Song of the Day - Sun Rays"

It’s been a while since James Rose’s last release, but now the young Californian singer-songwriter returns with a forthcoming new EP and a brand new single which is due out August 1st via new Indie-rock label, Stranded South Records.

With a laid back style that drifts upon you like a welcomed breeze comes the new track ‘Suns Rays’ which, with its slow paced guitar, airy vocals and quirky chord changes, makes for a tantalizing and appealing listen.

Whilst rooted in indie-folk, Rose’s music also delves into the realms of psychedelia and brings with it a sense of freedom and exploration. Influenced by music ranging from 19th century compositions by Frederic Francois Chopin to the 1970’s American power pop band Big Star, his sound is comparable to the likes of Iron & Wine, Bon Iver and Elliot Smith.

Lyrically his music is insightful, tackling subjects such as love, existentialism and substance abuse; Rose’s delivery is both honest and stripped back, always sang with a vulnerability that allows you to connect on a far deeper level. His sound takes you on a journey from the majestic San Gabriel Mountains which surround his hometown, to the pacific ocean, all the way to New Orleans where he now resides.

Offering a fresh insight into familiar themes Rose pays attention to these small details which in some way, we can all can relate to, “My method of writing lyrics is usually done through the subconscious and goes through a dream-like filter”, Rose states. “It gives the songs the opportunity to float in the air and not be tied down to a specific event or story”.

James will be touring in New York and Connecticut in early August and will begin recording a full EP at the end of summer. - The Listening Post Blog


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


If you come to New Orleans, you might find 26-year-old James Rose sitting quietly in the corner of a bar, café or music venue. His scruffy, blondish-brown hair sweeping across his face and his humble demeanor hide his deep musical purpose. Rooms turn to silence when he picks up a guitar. 

Rose’s original songs are often described as indie folk. His music would fit in seamlessly on a playlist with Iron and Wine, Bon Iver and Elliott Smith, but his inspiration is much broader. He’s moved by music ranging from 19th century compositions by Frédéric François Chopin to the 1970’s American power pop band Big Star.

Rose’s long overdue single Sun Rays/Breathe will be released on August 1, 2015 by a new independent rock label based in New Orleans called Stranded South Records. The ethereal melodies are accessible, but the occasional unexpected chord and the profundity of his lyrics provide a depth that listeners can endlessly explore.

He takes us from the majestic, San Gabriel Mountains, which surround his hometown of Pasadena, California, to the Pacific Ocean, and beyond. One of his most important periods of self-discovery was on a small ranch just north of Santa Barbara where he spent hours immersed in the lush forests writing music.

Rose sings with a gripping vulnerability about love, existentialism and substance abuse. His words, like the best poetry, offer fresh insight into familiar themes. It’s not what he says, it’s how he says it. “My method of writing lyrics is usually done through the subconscious and goes through a dream-like filter,” Rose said. “It gives the songs the opportunity to float in the air and not be tied down to a specific event or story.”

Rose’s wanderlust has him thinking about his British heritage and playing around the world, but he always comes back to New Orleans. In early August, he will do a mini promotional tour in New York City and Connecticut. At the end of the summer, he’ll be back home to record a full EP.

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