James Ryan

James Ryan


Dynamic and Cohesive, Delicate and loud. Organically created music with vision. The music grows shedding layers of sound and emotion. Music that can be deeply experienced and is intrinsically known. Enjoy...


James Ryan is a solo acoustic artist born and raised in New York City. His music is textured with layers of sound, utilizing a wide variety of instrumental talents, including, piano, Guitar, banjo, dobro, bass, woodwinds and more. While primarily acoustic, songs cross musical genre gaps attracting a wide variety of listeners. Musical influences range from 70's and 80's rock all the way to classical baroque style and even big band 50's style forging a unique style. Continuing to play venues primarily in the New York City , J.R. is currently working on a second release called "take you home" which is due out later this year. Previously managed by David Salidor (Madonna, Deborah Gibson) James is pursuing the music industry on his own, focusing on the mp3/media based music world of tomorrow. He is frequently a myspace top artist surpassing some of todays largest selling artists in the acoustic genre. His plays and page views reach in the hundreds and thousands each day. Please listen for yourself on www.myspace.com/jamesryan1 and enjoy his balance of delicate and loud, passionate music.


Take you home

Written By: James Ryan

Left alone, to fend for youself,
He left nothing behind.
She did her best,
to raise you the right way.
But you made up your own mind.
Your caught between
your two seperate worlds,
you don't know which to choose.
Come with me now,
I'll lead the way.
I promise you cant lose

I'll take you home
I'll take away all the pain
and wipe away all your tears
once again

I'll take you home
I'd save the day once again
and i'd be here with you
just me and my best friend

Just one more step in the wrong direction,
Once more turn for the worse
The party rages on
but your soul surrendered
and they cant see who they've hurt

And i can't see why
you'd run from yourself
and your leaving behind
what should be your life
so try to see this time
this life through my eyes
but if you don't i'll understand
but forgive me if i cry
forgive me

Another Way

Written By: James Ryan

As the sun pours on the city street
and the light shakes off the cold
We make our ways to complacent days
to watch the time fly by and slowly slip away

And i need you
Oh and i plead you
theres got to be another way

All this wasted time
that im spending here while life just passes by me i cant seem to find any reason
All this life gone by
While the candle burns down decades of my life

As the stars cut through the darkened sky
We escape to incandescent light
As we while away with t.v. shows
And forget the day, tomorrow's waiting
the same thing goes and no one knows
And i can't comprehend
what we understand
as a life with meaning
we work the 9 to 5
as our lives just pass us by


James Ryan...James Ryan 2007
James Ryan...Take you home 2008

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