James Sawyer

James Sawyer


“James paints a poignant picture, skillfully playing the emotional content in an understated and tender manner that neverless packs a wallop”


Life experiences have helped to shape the person James Sawyer has become, and the music he writes, plays, produces and sings. The talented singer/songwriter is native to Ontario born in Etobicoke and raised in Campbellville. He started to play piano at the age of six and then picked up guitar in his early teens. His unique sound comes from the combination of rock, acoustic and indie.

His eclectic sound has enticed audiences with the release of his debut album Next to You. The album is a peak into Sawyer’s life and a story of personal growth. Sawyer just wants his audience to see him, “As a singer and a songwriter painting an honest picture is all you need. If the singer believes in the song, the audience will believe in the singer.” It’s a philosophy Sawyer lives by in developing his music and one that he attributes his success to.

The title track “Next to You” was produced by John Jamieson and Sawyer in SoundHouse Studios, Kilbride, ON in 2005 and 2006. “Next to You” was released to radio stations across Canada in April of 2007, and was received well by fans. In the summer of 2006, Sawyer received a Songwriter Workshop Award from Factor Canada to attend a three-day song-writing N.S.A.I. workshop, in Nashville, TN, USA.

The album also includes the single “Save His World” written for Michael Papaioannou who was diagnosed with a rare disease called Lesch-Nyhan. The song earned commercial radio airtime in 2006 on 97.3 EZ Rock in Toronto in support of the Sick Kids Radio-thon.


Next To You

Written By: James Sawyer

Next To You- Copyright 2006
Sawyer (SOCAN)

Verse 1
Watching the clouds
Separate in your eyes
Hiding these tears
Under your newest disguise

All their promises
Wilting your mind
Daffodils once moved you
Now fading in time

Pre- Chorus
Please open your life to me
I wanna change the world for you to see

I Need you now, let the past go
Want you more then you'll ever know
Destined to always be right next to you
I hope today, you'll break away
So I can forever stay right
Next To You
I Wanna be Next To You

Verse 2
I see your face
When I lay in my bed
Wake up with you still
Spinning in my head

Wondering how you'll
Trust again
When pain stained
You to defend





Next To You- EP - 2006
"Save His World" - 97.3 EZ ROCK Toronto - 2006 - 2007
"Next To You" Single 2007 - Currently being added Nationwide- Soft Rock Stations

Set List

1. Blind
2. On My Own
3. Her Way
4. Save His World
5. Next To You
6. Last Goodbye
7. Gone For Good
8. Country Heart
9. Back To Life
10. She Wouldn't Think Of Me

Matchbox Twenty, Tom Cochrane, Wallflowers, etc