James Thomson

James Thomson


James Thomson is an Australian Singer and songwriter who's
debut self titled album (2012) has received nationwide airplay and glowing reviews.

James is close to completing recording on his second album due out in late 2013/early 2014.


James Thomson is a young, critically acclaimed singer and songwriter.

He released a self titled debut album in late 2012 which went on to receive nation wide airplay and a swathe of positive reviews in many publications.

After years performing nationally as a solo artist and in a variety of bands; James recently supported legendary artists Mark Olson (The Jayhawks, Creekdippers) and Simone Felice on their Australian tours.

Still, James decided rather than touring his debut album, he would set about writing another collection of songs for a new album. These sessions are all but done and the new record is due out in early 2014.

There are inescapable echoes of the great's in James' songs; Kristofferson, Van Zandt, Prine et al - but Thomson is not simply making a contrived attempt to replicate those figures.

While he has certainly taken up the long tradition of the singer/songwriter; Thomson adds enough of his own sound absorbed from a plethora of music; gospel, jazz, early blues, celtic folk music and more, to craft songs that feel simultaneously familiar and new.

James' debut album is available now through Laughing Outlaw Records/Inertia.

“..I really dig this guy..” - Peter Jesperson (New West Records)

"..I think Thomson might be something special.." - Bernard Zuel (Sydney Morning Herald)


James Thomson - James Thomson (2012)

Available through laughing outlaw records/Inertia Distribution.



Car Park Blues from James debut album - #2 for 3 weeks on Airit's Great Southern Chart.

Stream here: