James Travis Davis

James Travis Davis


These here songs is about growin up in America when the world was changin'. I ain't partic'ly sure why they showed up on my watch. I figure best to write down what that shows up, just in case somebody else can hear the same music.


They asked me to put some writin’ down ‘bout how I got to be here at this particular place, behind this here guitar, just now.

My great granddaddy was born in Jennings County, Indiana some time before the War between the States. He was a preacher, a teacher, a lawyer, a judge and the mayor of a small southern town. He was a cousin of Teddy Roosevelt. They both had the same grandfather. I was named after him. He had a brother in law what was a newspaper man who reported on the Spanish American War. We still got the letters.

My grandfather sold pianos in Atlanta. His wife died a few months before penicillin was invented. It woulda saved her life. Hard to figure jes why some things are. His sister, founded a school a music round the turn of the last century. In her late 70’s, she stood up to that Senator from Wisconsin when she sponsored Pete Seeger at a concert. She was picketed by the American Legion. She was right prouda that.

My daddy ran a medical train in the great war to end all wars. He visited 46 states takin’ home guys who gave a piece a themselves fer our country. My momma wrote for a newspaper for twenty years or so. She wrote pretty much what she wanted. She is a first generation American. Both her parents passed through Ellis Island. Still talks about the Depression a lot.

I grew up near the Everglades. My great uncle raised cattle on Lake Okeechobee, my uncle owned a gator farm. I had a boat before I had a car. When I did get a car it was a truck. Learned enough at schools to realize that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Been tryin’ to learn that ever since.

We was blessed to be a part of the richest nation that the world has ever seen at the peak of its fortunes and power. The world is not like it used to was. Not even in our lifetime. But we are still Americans.

If’n we don’t take the time to understand what it is we don’t know, then it will be our fault for lettin’ them that do know tell us what it was that we need to know. No good can come from that. So, that’s pretty much what I’m doin’ here, behind this guitar, jus now. How ‘bout you?


Puttin' down thirteen songs on Another Country with the band (see above) at some kinda high tech studio in Boston. Times have changed.

Them songs that are up on this here site is jes the rough cuts done at Frogville Studios here in New Mexico. They ain't perfect, but you'll get the general idea. Fer the rest of the songs go to www.virb.com/jamestravisdavis. Lyrics are there too.

Set List

Got no set list. Pretty much play them thirteen songs in no particular order. See reference to covers below. Don't much care for leavin' Santa Fe County. Even on a good day.