James "Tuck" Tucker

James "Tuck" Tucker

 Interlachen, Florida, USA

The music is a mixture of Blue's, Bluegrass, Country and Jazz. My inspirations come from all over the musical spectrum, but my first love is acoustic music. The pure music of great acoustic instruments. And the clear and precise vocal harmonies.We endeavor for a great original sound.


Tuck Tucker: skilled side man with ripping solos or masterful musician boasting distinctive solo works ? How about both ! Most know Tuck for his riveting style of Dobro play that he has crafted through years of practice, influence and love for his music. His method: a fusion of bluesy slide and beautiful harmonies. He has played with many bands over the years; whether with Red and Murphy & Co, Harmony Grits, or Claire Lynch & The Front Porch String Band, or with platinum album artist Marshal Tucker Band (no name connection) Tucker steals the stage. As for those lucky few who have had the chance to hear his solo act, watch his popular YouTube videos or listen to his CD's know, Tuck Tucker is no ordinary musician. When playing great traditionals such as Shady Grove and Working on a building; or covering Guy Clark and Crowleys Baton Rouge, Tuck makes classic songs his own in the way he plays and sings. If this wasnt enough to inspire and entertain, Tuck Tuckers true marvels lie in his originals. Whether he is making his instrument sing a song of joy or weep for you a tune of sadness, his powerful and beautiful Dobro instrumentals such as Corkscrew, Walkin The Wire, and Sleepy Head set the line for all aspiring hopefuls and seasoned musicians alike. His lyrical strides cover every base with loving and humbling songs from Somehow through it all and Childrens Eyes to my personal favorite and always fun Jelly Roll. If you get the chance to catch him solo or see him in a line up, Tuck Tucker is definitely the man to look out for.

Article written by:Cory James , used by permission 2007


Highway Call

Written By: James Tucker (SESAC)

Standing out on the highway
With my thumb in the air
Trying to catch a ride
Lord, knows to any ole where
Not going anyplace special
Got plenty of time to spare
Ain’t got know worries
Ain’t got know cares

Don’t have know job, that can tie me down
Just these walking shoes, yes these old walking shoe’s
Keep me rambling around
I got an old guitar, I carry on my back
I will play you a song for a dollar in the hat

I’ve traveled all around
Walked many a mile
I ‘ve rode the rails
Hobo style
Going from town to town
Playing my guitar
I will never settle down
I hear that highway call

Back to the Country

Written By: James Tucker (SESAC)

I’m goin’ back to the country
City life’s not for me
I’m goin’ back to the country
Where a man can feel free

I moved away from my hometown
Into the big city
The late nights and the bright lights
Were callin’ out to me
I rambled and I gambled
All over town
Lady luck was on my side
Then she let me down

When I got to the city
My dad’s words I forgot
Always do the best you can
And don’t rely on luck
Work hard when you can
Relax when you play
Don’t forget your raisin’
Or your good ole country way

Smugglers Notch

Written By: James Tucker (SESAC)



Marshal Tucker Band Beyond The Horizon
Mark Johnson with the Rice Brothers Clawgrass
Claire Lynch If You're Ever in Oklahoma
Red and Murphy & Co. My Everyday Silver is Plastic
Red and Murphy & Co. Sweet, Sweet Dixie
Red and Murphy & Co. Remember Where you Could Be
Red and Murphy & Co. Reel Time Reel
Tuck Tucker Tucker'd Out
Dale Crider Wildwood Swamp
Dale Crider Water Songs
Dale Crider Sing for Wild Things
Dale Crider Big Cypress
House of Dreams House of Dreams
Endless Highway Endless Highway
Allen Shad A Cut Above
Big Timber Lonesome Whippoorwill
James Tuck Tucker Home Sessions
James Tuck Tucker Smugglers Notch

These are just a few of many. There are close to 200 or more recordings.

Set List

Roly Poly (D)
Secrets of the old Blues Men (C#m) capo 4
Old Dangerfield
Deep Elim Blue’s (A)
Different Road (G)
Rhumba Man (A)
One Way Ticket (D)
The Way
Long Hard Road (A)
Jelly Roll (E)
Sleepy Head
Spider John (G)
4th Street and Vine (A)
Stuck N Hickman
Honky Tonk Woman (F#)
Children’s Eye’s (D)
Cork Screw
Dark as a Dungeon (Bb) Rain Maker (E)
Wheel Hoss
Ginseng Sullivan (Bb)
Somehow Through it All (B)
River Styx
Last Thing on my Mind (Bb)
Never Was a Child (A)
Walkin The Wire
Evil Angel (E)
Cold, Cold Tears (A)
Shady Grove (Em)
Highway Call (D)
Smugglers Notch
Dark Hollow (A)
Political Statement (A)
Free Fall
Louise (D)
Made For Only You (C)
Gold Rush
Gone So Long (E)
Lonely Man
St Annes Reel
Fool For a Cig (E)

Hey Mister
Coo Coo’s Nest
All Around This World (D)
How Long
Jerusalem Ridge
Heavy Traffic Ahead (G)
Jesus on the Mountain (C)
Spanish Grass
Sin City