James Wolfe

James Wolfe


Grunge-folk. Bedroom rock ballads. A rough and tumble voice backed by a heavy pounding acoustic guitar and burning harmonica riffs... This Canadian sounds like a lost child of Bruce Springsteen that grew up in the 1960's Greenwhich Village folk scene.


This music is rough around the edges. Recorded with a shitty guitar, and nothing but a computer microphone, Wolfe does his best to get his simple songs across. Clearly influnced by Bob Dylan, his tired, whiskey stained vocals change from track to track and keeps you wanting more. Traditional melodies mixes the old and the new, creating something completely unique.

There is a lot of room for improvement, but its a decent start.


By the Lake

Written By: James Wolfe

We took a walk on by the lake.
We both could feel our hearts break.
I am sorry love, but I'm leaving town.
We both knew sooner or later this would go down.

Maybe when we are both done,
we can pick things on up from where they begun.
Well you know that's just too good to be true.
Well then forever my dear I will think of you.

She stood with her arms by her sides,
shaking with tears coming from her eyes.
Do you love me? Just tell me yes or no.
In a tired withered voice he said "I don't know".

You know I am drunk and my mind is weak.
Well I don't care, just let your heart speak.
And in the silence of that cold winters day, they both felt something they once had melt away.

And nothing seems right, when its all going wrong, but you try and move on.


Skeptic Lovers - EP

Set List

Something Troubling, Jealous Boys, By the Lake, Goodbye, Young Lions, This Hearts on Fire, Leave you Behind, He Was a Friend of Mine, Skeptic Lovers.