Groovy smooth jazz/lounge music mixed with pop, funk and latin rhytms. All compositions are written by Peter Michael, keyboard and Lars Fabiansen, guitar.


The members of the duo Jamhunters are Peter Michael, keyboard and Lars Fabiansen, guitar. The repertoire consists of own compositions in a style that can be described as a unique mix of smooth jazz/lounge music mixed with pop- funk- and Latin-rhythms.*

*The starting signal for the smooth jazz duo was August 15th 2006 with the release of their debut album: Jamhunters.

Peter and Lars have been working as musicians for many years and have worked together before in the bands Take Five in 1988 and Heart and Soul in 1995.

In 2006 they decided to revive their work by releasing their mutual compositions under the name Jamhunters.
“The ideas and the shape of the music had been ready for a long time, and when Gateway Music wanted to release it, we decided it was time,” Lars says.

We create the compositions in a mutual working process like a jam session, where both Lars and Peter bring up their ideas. It is exactly that working process, which gives the unique European smooth jazz sound that characterizes Jamhunters.

Jamhunters’ debut album won international attention on internet radios in Germany, Norway, USA, China and Japan.
Scandinavian Airlines decided to present Jamhunters to their passengers on overseas flights by including the track Close Your Eyes on their jazz channel.
The American internet radio “Smooth Jazz and More” proclaimed the debut album the best of the year within the genre.

On March 15th 2008 the duo released their second cd: Music Speaks Louder Than Words, and it was very well received.

In his review in the American smooth jazz portal “Smooth Jazz Vibes” Peter Böhi gave following comment: “This great band hails from Copenhagen and comes up with a polished, groovy and ultra-cool contemporary jazz album with lots of chill/lounge elements, the band is fronted by Peter Michael on keys and Lars Fabiansen on guitar who deliver some outstanding solos. Thumbs up!”

The star-soloists Hans Ulrik, Klaus Menzer, Moussa Diallo and Christina Boelskifte are guests on both of Jamhunters’ albums.

Chris Minh Doky and Frank Senior make a guest appearance on the album Music Speaks Louder Than Words.

Chris Minh Doky is based in New York and recognized for his passion as an artist and his technical ability. With his elegant and unerring style he imparts a specific depth to two of the tracks.

Frank Senior is an extraordinary soul/jazz singer with deep roots in the jazz milieu of Harlem, whom Lars and Peter met at their live performance in New York.

In the autumn of 2006 Jamhunters started their live performances in co-operation with Lise Dandanell. Jamhunters performed at Dandanells art exhibition on Katrinelund. The idea was to combine smooth jazz and art, which Jamhunters at the time worked with in their Feel-Good-Zone movies. The movies are still available on Jamhunters website.

The duo has toured in Denmark since 2006 together with star musicians and soloists Hans Ulrik, Christina Boelskifte, Klaus Menzer, Andre Sørensen, Nis Toxværd, Henrik Jørgensen and again Lise Dandanell.

The great interest from the American audience led to a visit to New York in November 2007 with live performances at the clubs Googie’s Lounge and Rockwood Music Hall.

Their live performance in Denmark in May 2008 led to a co-operation with singer and composer Martin Brygmann. Jamhunters and Brygmann call their show A Nightclub in New York.

The show offers an evening with night club atmosphere in the manner of The Big Apple with Brygmann as crooner to the tones of Jamhunters’ smooth jazz.

They are on tour with the show right now and during autumn 2008 they will visit Det Bruunske Pakhus i Fredericia, Risbjerggaard i Hvidovre samt Musikhuset Aarhus.


The debutalbum, Jamhunters, was released in August 2006.

The second album: Music speaks louder than words, release march 15. 2008.

Set List

Set list:

Close Your eyes
Ice JAm
The Musics Gonna Get You
Round About
The Gate
So Wonderful
The Pier
Room for Milk
No One Like You
One More Minute
Music Speaks
Moon Blue