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Jamie Hancock

Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE | AFM

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2006
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"The Rap Map: Meet 5 Talented Artists From Houston"

Jamie Hancock, like many of his peers, cares deeply about Houston and Houston hip-hop. So much so that it was he proposed we publish a Houston Rap Map, naming five artists that weren’t himself and even offering to write it.

Artists everywhere: be more like Jamie Hancock.

Though his offer proved unnecessary, his compassion and forward drive are evident in his art.

“Everything that I say is real," Hancock says. “I want people to believe in themselves, like truly, truly, truly believe in themselves. Not confidence, not arrogance, just true belief. So when I rap, I rap about my stories, and stuff that I’ve been through, and stuff that’s going on in my mind, just so I can show people I’m going through it too.” - Dj Booth

"Jamie Hancock Raps About "Hennything" [Video]"

Jamie Hancock has been rapping for over a decade, from fourteen to twenty-five. Coming out of Houston, Texas, Hancock says he overcame every obstacle hoping to turn him into a statistic. In that breath, "Hennything" and the accompanying music video are both deep dives into his psyche. Hancock confronts his vices, details his need to escape his circumstances, and exposes the dangers of succumbing to your bad habits. On the hook, Hancock takes a light approach, promising that "Hennything is possible," if you just take a shot or roll up, and while the sentiment is nice, the hook belies something sinister. "Hennything" is situated on the cusp of a vice becoming a crutch, and Hancock spends the track craftily wrestling with that fact.
What's most exciting about "Hennything" is the pops of light and color. The video balances shadows with catching orange hues, and Hancock's delivery follows suit. Despite the somber themes, Hancock raps with an exuberance that gives the song a fresh spirit, but doesn't devalue its message. He does what many artists struggle to achieve: giving an sonic depth to darkness.
When it comes to his raps, Hancock represents the South through and through, from his drawl to his luxe flow. While he acknowledges that Houston has been a hotbed for talent since hip-hop's inception, Hancock also makes it clear that he wants to be the one to put a fresh picture of his city on the map. With his joyous delivery, even in the face of such a dark topic, Hancock has the potential to be the face of the new wave of Houston artists.

Read more at https://earmilk.com/2018/01/03/jamie-hancock-raps-about-hennything-video/#5sYu4ikRJbmWMCpH.99 - Earmilk


Houston artist Jamie Hancock drops a new dope record titled “Hennything.” Listen to the track below and check out his previous release - DailyLoud

"Made in Houston: Artist of the Month Jamie Hancock"

Jamie Hancock, the artist formerly known as SVN, is an embodiment of what Houston music is and can be. Coming out of the South Park area of Houston is no easy task but he was molded by the life he grew up in and takes those experiences with him as he works to push himself and those around him further. We all grew up hearing Pimp C preach the down south sermon but Jamie really took heed and you not only feel that in the music he makes but the person he is on the day to day. While rap music made by artists in Houston continues to thrive we do at times find ourselves looking for the leader to scoop his city up with him on his ascent to the top and that’s where we see Jamie stepping in. With two solo projects under his belt, ‘Sunday’ and ‘Second Sunday’, as well as the group EP ‘7AM’ with local artist AMA, Jamie has proven his ability to produce quality music with insightful lyrics. While he has recently taken it upon himself as an artist to go by his real name, as opposed to his former name SVN, nothing else has changed in his grind. Teaming with up and coming local producers, singers, and fellow rappers Jamie holds his own time and time again and has positioned those around him to be successful. By surrounding himself with like minded hustlers he and his team are primed to expand the culture to new heights while at the same time ensuring that “Everybody Eats.” Check him out and be on the lookout for a new project mid summer 2017! - Southside Collection


Sincerely, Me



Growing up in South Park, Texas, like many Houston greats before him, Jamie Hancock embodies everyday life of a young Houstonian. Hancock blends early Houston rap like Fat Pat, Big Moe, Z-ro and more known acts like UGK & Slim Thug with his own story to create a style that hasn't been seen or heard in sometime. With influences from Biggie Smalls, Outkast, Three 6 Mafia to Aalyiah, Destiny's Child & Avant. Hancock style is refreshing and nostalgia all at the same time. All while he tells his story and his life. 

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