Jamie and the Boyfriends

Jamie and the Boyfriends


pop rock with punk rock energy!


Jamie and the Boyfriends is a four piece Rock and Roll act started in New York City 2007. Their songs are stories of Love and jetfighters, lions and cubicles - words that get stuck in your ears, sung over rocknroll riffs. They go on stage to have fun and to play loud.

For the last year, they have been playing shows around New York to enthusiastic crowds and have recently recorded an EP at the Boileroom Studio in Brooklyn. They are planning to record some more tracks soon, play in far away cities, and sing an entire song in French, while trying to land a gig between Buddy Holly and Sonny Sharrock on judgement day at Delphi.


Deep in Brooklyn EP

Set List

We play all original songs. Typically, we play 10-12 songs (30-45 minutes).