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Jamie Charoen

Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF

Orlando, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Pop R&B


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Jamie Charoen @ BB King's Blues Club

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA

Jamie Charoen @ the abbey

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA

Jamie Charoen @ Club 57 West

Orlando, Florida, USA

Orlando, Florida, USA



Upon having the space of a precious four hours to meet Ms. Jamie Charoen at the lobby of WUOG 90.5fm in Athens, I knew that I was meeting a unique starlet—-a darling talent on the rise in the music world.

She’s engaging, always warm (but never in a calculating or methodical way—genuine) to those who come into contact with her—-she’s a dream for a radio interviewer, TV commentator, blogger, A&R figurehead and so on.

As an artist, she is very much in tune with the craze of social media, and has adeptly showcased her vocal abilities and down-to-earth personality via mediums as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. What shines of soul, flair, and honesty come off in her song clips radiates even moreso in face-to-face contact with her.

Following in the traits of her idols who’ve made it, Jamie has embraced a universal credo in song to formulate a hip, yet transcendently moving type of Pop Music—you need to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going. She has done covers of songs by JoJo, Justin Bieber, Trey Songz, and more. Each rendition as you’ll see unveils a new depth of her voice, and a bit more mastery of her acoustic guitar. Yet concurrently, Jamie is molding her path with sweet gems of her own, including “The Puppeteer” (blazing the iTunes charts).

She did the YouTube song covers as a fan of the aforementioned artists, and ended up in karmic turn gaining a growing fans with ambition and marvelous prowess.

Her gifts and enthusiasm to add her touch to the world with her body of work has taken her to many shores. From age seven, emigrating with her family from Thailand to the United States, Jamie has been no stranger to the frequent nature of travel. California, Georgia, and every pore of the Sunshine State are but small examples of where Jamie has exercised the great necessity of taking her show on the fabled road. She’s always on, and having had the pleasure of later interviewing her on my show Beasts From the East (Touyou Kanon ????), I can confirm said statement.

She loves her fans, and is extremely happy with the places that her career is taking her. Again, her social media presence keeps her at a rapid pace of response with her listeners, showing gratefulness for their listening and a kind ear to any constructive criticism where it may come. Represented by the five hundred five star general of Dream Noise Music, Izzy Guerra, Jamie has the right oracle at her side in her musical journey.

While she has an active voice in her songwriting, she is receiving of collaborative work, and has had team efforts in penning her tunes. She’s a team player, and makes folks just glad to be there for what is surely the root stepstone of a glorious career in the pop music spectrum.

All this, and I’m still amazed that the young lady is only 18!

All the same, cheers to Jamie Charoen! She’s proof that lightning strikes three times, so get ahold of her if she comes to your city!

-Testimonial by Sean, Host of the show “Beasts From the East” (Touyou Kanon ????) - Beasts (Sean Polite)


"THE PUPPETEER"- (Single Release) http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-puppeteer-single/id505165967

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-Featured on "HHHS" on WUOG 90.5 FM Athens, GA
-Featured on KSSU 1580 AM Sacramento, CA
-Featured on "Beasts from the East" Touyou Kanon Internet Radio



"I believe that in life, the luckiest people are not the ones who are the best looking, the richest, or the most famous. It is those lucky
few who get to wake up every day and do something they are truly passionate about. It is those who find peace within themselves and
when the weight of the world seems to be on their shoulders— they find the strength to bare it and rise up on their feet."
- Jamie Charoen

Jamie Charoen was a mere seven years old when she and her family left Thailand for the United States. With mile-long
lashes, sun-kissed skin, cascading raven hair and an affectionate smile, Jamie has always stood out in her second home. She needn’t
even open her mouth and release the melodious, velvet voice that her powerhouse set of lungs carry for others to know that she is
extraordinary. A world away from the familiar, Jamie struggled to find comfort in her new surroundings that initially seemed as
transcendental as the Land of Oz itself. To overcome this challenge, Jamie turned to what she knew to be an explosive expression of
humanity that is something we are all touched by because no matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music as iconic singer
and musician Billy Joel once said.

Jamie remained active in music and in the fine arts throughout her formative years. After singing in her church choir, school
honors chorus and participating in musicals, she nurtured her gift for two years by taking vocal lessons from talent coach Natasha
Deleacio before being discovered by current manager, Izzy Guerra of Dream Noise Music. Jamie’s musical prowess ranges from
classical to pop to R&B and she is now focusing on recording her first album. Once a high school cheerleader raising spirits at half-
time shows, Jamie now performs for larger crowds of 500 or more in venues around downtown Orlando, Fla. and beyond. Inspired
by music legends such as Etta James and Whitney Houston, Jamie’s most desired collaboration would be with muse, Christina
Aguilera. Her talents have taken her across the country from Miami to Atlanta to Los Angeles. In sessions with renowned writers
such as the Jackie Boys and Eric Belinger, and working with Grammy-nominated producers such as Aaron Cox and Kosine from Da
Internz. Jamie is certainly on the inevitable pathway to stardom. As she finds a clear distinctiveness in her craft by soaking in and
understanding the elements that surround her, she becomes an emblem of true artistry — voicing her passion through every song.

Whether she’s utilizing music, dance or fashion design as a creative outlet, Jamie demonstrates her belief in self-expression
through artistic endeavors. These pastimes enabled her to acclimate over time and find that sense of belonging in the U.S. Regardless
of what continent she is on, Jamie is at home when she takes the stage and finds peace with a microphone in hand. Just as she found
refuge in music, Jaime hopes to help others who feel lost discover a place to hang their hat through her songs. She draws on her own
life experiences when writing her songs, and strives to compose meaningful lyrics that will resonate with an audience. Jamie truly considers it a blessing to sing for people and feels it is her responsibility to use her station to send powerfully positive messages to her listeners. Despite the fact that she is young, Jamie wants her audience to gain enlightenment from her songs. To all those who may wander physically or spiritually, Jamie wishes to portray herself as someone who was once in a similar position and can attest to there being hope somewhere over the rainbow. She is tangible evidence to the reality that blue skies are ahead and dreams really do come true. All it takes is a little intellect, heart and courage.

Singer and songwriter Jamie Charoen is presently working on her debut EP, and her single, “Puppeteer” is now available on
Itunes. For booking, contact Izzy@dreamnoisemusic.com.

“... Although the journey may be rough and many will say ‘no’ before I reach my goal, I wouldn’t trade the hardships
for anything because that is what makes a true artist. All the struggles build character; and the prize is always sweeter when it is something you have truly earned. At the very end, no one can tell me that the clouds are where my dreams are, and that the sky is the limit — when we have footprints on the moon.”