Jamie Clarke´s PERFECT

Jamie Clarke´s PERFECT

 Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, DEU

They have been "everywhere" more than once! 152 pointless gigs every freakin' year that need to be stadiumized back where they belong.


If we "have" to explain, you probably would not understand.


COMING SOON new 2011 album on Wolverine Records....
Maxi Single: Fucking Folkabilly Rock (WR001)
CD 2009: You Drove Me To It...
CD 2008: Psychic TV
CD 2002: Nobody's PERFECT
CD Live: Live Free
CD 1999: Sickly Man
Radio hits: Psychic TV, Adorable, and and and..........The Sun and The Moon* (*memeber during the Pogues)

Set List

We're not a cover band....WHEN WE ROCK WE ROCK!!!