Jamie Dahlke

Jamie Dahlke


Jamie's music is fresh, fun pop meets classic rock.


Jamie is a smart, funny, talented young singer, songwriter, actor and typical all American teen. Jamie is pursuing his true passion... music. He studies voice with master vocal coach David Coury( Making Menudo, Nashville Star,Idol Tonight), and plays both guitar and piano. Jamie's love of music spans many genres, but he has been heavily influenced by the sounds of classic rock. It's no surprise that he includes Bon Jovi, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Queen, Styx, and The Eagles to name just a few, as his favorites. Jamie is happiest with a guitar in hand, sharing music, laughing, and making life a song. He seems to have been born with a soul for rock n' roll. His dream is to make music, always!

Jamie’s interests in performing are not limited to music, he has successfully pursued interests in various avenues of the industry and has appeared in commercials, television, print, and stage.


Debut Single~ It's You Girl

Set List

Jamie's most popular sets run 40-45 minutes, giving him a chance to perform both his original music and some of his favorite cover songs. His typical repertoire usually includes songs from such admirred artist as Dylan, Journey, and Bon Jovi.