Jamie Drake

Jamie Drake

 Los Angeles, California, USA

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Written By: Jamie Drake

I don't care if you make a lot of money
I've been there before and it's not worth my time
I just want you babe to call me honey
To grow in love and faith and just be mine

But let's take it slow, keep the fire nice and low
And let's take our time and build this plumbline

When you say those things boy you start a fire
That no one else has ever dared to light
And neither of us knows what will transpire
All I know is I can no longer fight

Oh your eyes, your lips, your smile, your teeth, your big, big heart, your words, your thoughts, your voice, your mind, they make the fire start

Maybe in a month I'll think I'm crazy
But right now I just think you're amazing
I just want you to think that I'm pretty
Oh I just want you, just want you oh,
Oh I just want you to..