Jamie Dyer and David French

Jamie Dyer and David French

 Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Two men, one middle-aged and one young, evoke steel string guitar purity that captures the soul of rail, road, river, heartbreak and joy. They look for and find the beauty in the Great American Musical Salvage Yard, creating new things from the old and painting up the rusty bits to keep them sound.


Jamie Dyer and his band, The Hogwaller Ramblers, are musical institutions in Charlottesville, Virginia. They've quietly influenced musicians and bands through the latter part of the 20th century and into the 21st. Jamie has been called a "tremendously honest songwriter in the vein of Townes van Zandt". His songs have kept the town of Charlottesville and people as far as the Ukraine and Afghanistan entertained for almost a generation. A community-oriented musician, Jamie has probably played more weddings and funerals than any other musician in the area.

David French is a gifted guitar player that brings his own intuitive and refined sensibilities to the stage. He's the lead guitarist and vocalist for local favorites Raw Dawg. A student of the guitar, he's always in school and sits in with The Hogwaller Ramblers at many gigs.

Here's a story:

In the spring of 2007, Jamie was hiding from himself on Yellow Mountain in Crozet, Va. at his friends Tom and Melanie's house. David heard that Jamie was hiding on the mountain and showed up with his guitar. Jamie and David have been playing together ever since and are looking to take their music farther into the world.


Take The Lamp

Written By: Jamie Dyer

Take the lamp from the window
turn dark the coldest night
If not for every shadow
I'd swear I'd lost my sight

Block the path to your valley
put the lock on the garden gate
If I thought it would matter
I'd make the sunset wait

Close your eyes if they're heavy
there's light if you wake
if the heart you own is empty
we give more than we take


Still in the process of recording, we have two lofi demos available on this EPK. Please click on the "Audio" button at the top.

Set List

Our sets are based upon the gig presented to us. We have a combined repertoire of hundreds of songs. While we're aware of who's who and what's what, maybe someday we'll sit down and actually count which ones are original and which are borrowed.