Jamie Eubanks Band

Jamie Eubanks Band


Awesome 17year old that plays and sings blues with the heart and soul of a seasoned blues man. The chemistry of the band as a whole is unbelievable. You would think the band has been together for 20 years. Great vocals and soulful guitar work that is missing from so many other bands.


I am a 17 year old honor roll student that has blues in my heart. It is truly my passion and desire to make this my life. Like so many others that have played guitar my first influences were Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn. I also love Albert King, BB King, Freddie King, Albert Collins, and many others but some of my biggest influences are some of the best blues people playing today. I have had the opprotunity to meet and sit in with many of them and they have all influenced me in so many ways and help me get started. Just to list a few: Ronnie Baker Brooks(whom I recently opened a show for), Kenny Neal, EG Kight, Debbie Davies, Anthony Gomes, Sarasota Slim, James Cotton, James Peterson, Sonny Rhodes, Eddie Kirkland, Eric Culberson, Michael Burks, Damon Fowler and many others.

As far as what sets us apart from other bands would most likely be the chemistry that we all have. It is like we have been palying together forever and all of the guys are great.

My Dad (Randy) plays rhythm and sings and it is so much fun for us to get to play together. Not many would ever get this opprotunity and I hope we can make the most of it.

David plays bass and we are the first people that he has played with outside of church but he is by far one of the best bass players I have ever seen and you will not find a nicer guy anywhere.

"Doc" on keyboards adds so many things to all of the songs. I have never heard another keyboard player accent songs so well and take them in directions they could not have gone before but without losing the song or "getting too far out there". "Doc" has played with several people worth mentioning , including Brian McNight and George Clinton and even produced some songs for boxing champ Roy Jones Jr.

The most amazing addition though has been Taurus "T-Love" on drums. I am not even sure that he can be described with words. You would truly have to see him to understand. He always seems to know where I'm headed in a song even if I am not sure myself. He is definitely the heartbeat of the band and adds so much energy to everything that it is incredible. He has played on Broadway, with the Count Basie Orchestra and was the band leader of the Disney Allstar Band for several years.


Well we have finally finished our CD and it is starting off with very good reviews. The CD entitled "Am I Too Young To Play The Blues" is an all original CD with no cover songs and even though it is blues based it covers a wide variety of sounds from Blues to Rock & Country to POP. We have already had sales from England, Japan, Denmark, Italy, California and others.

Set List

My set list is typically blues with a couple of sothern rock songs mixed in. We usually do 12-15 songs per set and this is normally about a 90 minute set depending on how the crowd is responding. We have had some sets go over two hours when the crowd was really into it and we were feeling the music. I am doing a mix of covers and a few originals mixed in.
FROM CD - "Am I Too Young To Play The Blues"
Hard Times (original)
Am I Too Young (original)
Leavin' Me Once Again (original)
Why (original)
Mean What You Say (original)
Someday (original)
You Can't Rule My Life (original)
That Just Ain't Right (original)
Born To Play The Blues (original)
Keepin Blues Alive (original)
Stop Playing Around With My Heart (original)
I'll Play The Blues For You
Five Long Years
I'm Ready
The Thrill Is Gone
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Things That I used To Do
Born Under A Bad Sign
Black Magic Woman
Old Love
Mustang Sally
Everyday I have The Blues
Baby Bee
Crosscut Saw
Born With