jamie gazelle

jamie gazelle


Five member pop rock with a touch of alternative, but classier


Jamie Gazelle first started writing songs in high school for his girl friend, FOXY ROXXI, which turned into a band. They moved to the East Coast where Jamie met Mark Reed and Tommy Bryant. They wrote a bunch of great tunes together including Open Window and Black Jack. With the addition of two new members they are currently recording a new 7 song EP. One of their new songs is an anti abortion song called Mrr. Doctor. It will rock some people's world for sure. They spend their time between Nashville and Chicago. Jamie has won numerous awards as a writer and has also gotten some video deals as well as leasing his own projects to real estate company in Washington D.C. They have sold around 3000 tapes and cds over the last four years.


Light Years From Home - 2002 ISB Records
Starmaker - ISB Records