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"Music Business Articles - Interview"

Music Business Articles
Interview with pro guitarist Jamie Glaser.
By: Steve Veloudos

Interview with pro guitarist Jamie Glaser.
By: Steve Veloudos, Zebra Music

Can you tell me about the people you have played with and your career in
the music industry?

To begin with my father Hy Glaser was a pop songwriter. He had no giant
hits but he was a very respected lyricist in the Tin Pan Alley days in New
York. He had his songs recorded by people like Sarah Vaughn, Joe Williams,
Nat King Cole and Sinatra. He was my biggest influence, my best friend, and
my partner.
Because of his career my first guitar teacher was Joe Breeze, the guitarist
for the Ed Sullivan show. My studies started at 9 years old with Joe. Later
in high school etc I studied with Tommy Lucas and Don Arnone..two premier
studio players in New York. They were mentors, and allowed me to attend
sessions, something I do with my students now, to give me an idea of the
scene, but even more to provide a place where I could break in. Believe it
or not...I have never sent a package (tape, picture etc) for any of the
incredible work that I have done or do. I was also playing string bass and
was accepted to Julliard...but like everyone else I wanted to be a guitar
hero....and since I only stand about 5/7 I knew that if I continued on bass
I would never get all the women I dreamedof...how's that for honesty?

So it was off to Berklee and that was the key I believe to my personal
success. Not only is Berklee incredible but the years I was there 1973-77
were magical. Teachers included Pat Metheny, Gary Burton, and a other
greats. The chairman of guitar was my guardian angel..and he was a sub for
my father..his
He gave me the tools, the confidence the direction and a love for what I do
..which is the most important thing.
Incredibly, my classmates were greats like VINNIE COLLUITA, JEFF BERLIN, AL
break. Although most young musicians know him from Journey he was with lots
of jazz bands. One day he came to me and said..."Hey Jamie..Alan Holdsworth
is leaving the Jean Luc Ponty band u want me to get you an audition"..Well
I didn't even know who the heck Ponty was yet..but I saw his name in
Billboard, found tons of records (MAHAVISHNUtime Steve called back I was dying to try out.
A week later I auditioned and it went fairly well. I had to sight-read
ENIGMATIC OCEAN..which wasn't released yet...and Ponty thanked me. 6 days
later, I get the call that dreams are made of. Jean Luc Ponty.....HI
Jamie...Can you join the band?????be in Ohio in two days...
Well you can imagine this day in my life!!!! I went from playing a few
sessions, weddings , Bar mitzvahs.....to a beautiful theatre in Cleveland.
I arrived at the hotel Steve Smith, Alan Zavod, Daryl Steurmer, (Phil
Collins gtr) and Ralphe Armstrong walk in the lobby...and theysay..hey what
ya doin here./.you wanna come see the show????
I told them I WAS IN THE BAND,,,,and after some hugs and welcome to the
group stuff.....I was on the road for the first time in my life. I could go
on and on but let's say it was the sweetest day of my
life...period...and Ponty remains one of my dearest friends.

How did you land those gigs with the big name acts? (Manhattan Transfer,
Jean Luc Ponty, Bryan Adams)

Well first of all the way I landed almost every gig I've ever had is from
playing in the casual business!! Weddings, parties, Bar Mitzvahs etc. I
never have solicited work using a package (tape bio etc.) In fact I
continue to this day, to play those parties, for financial gain, networking
and to keep up with the music of today. Manhattan Transfer Chick Corea,
Lenny White all the fusion guys got to know my work on record and in
concert..so they called me when they needed someone.
Bryan Adams was another story...
When Jean Luc was doing well..I moved to L.A. and found I was quickly
becoming type cast as a jazzer. I like Jazz ..but I love Rock N Roll..and I
wanted to let people know that I was capable of being authentic in other
styles. I called many record labels..and simply asked if they would hook me
up with a major rock act. After a couple of days...Hernando Cartwright who
was at A and M records...called and said Jamioe..you wanna play with this
guy from Canada..I think he's gonna be a big star...I said of course and
thank you!!!
That record with him opened my career ..and gave me the freedom I was
looking for. Plus he was and still is fantastic. I'm not sure he knows how
much he did for me!!

What was it like touring with those (major label?) bands?

I am spoiled rotten. From the first day I was with Ponty..I had the best
experiences. We flew everywhere, 4 star hotels, great food, and road
managers that were great baby sitters. All I can say is that there is
nothing like touring with a class act!!
That's not to say that the road is easy, but i - Music Business Articles


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Jamie Glaser is a world-renowned Guitarist/Musician/Composer/Arranger with a long list of credits. Following his graduation from Berklee College of Music, Jamie began his career by landing his first gig as the guitarist for the legendary Jean Luc Ponty when Alan Holdsworth left the band.

During his time with Jean Luc Ponty, Jamie became known as a world-class Jazz-Fusion guitarist with a unique style and sound.

After a number of records and world tours with Jean Luc Ponty, Jamie went on to record and perform with many other legendary artists, including the Manhattan Transfer, Bryan Adams, Chick Corea's Electrik Band, Lenny White, Gloria Trevi, Glass Moon, Ian Lloyd, John Davidson, and many others.

Jamie also has an endless list of television & film recording and composition credits, a few of which include MELROSE PLACE, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, SEINFELD, MAD ABOUT YOU, BEVERLY HILLS 90210, FULL HOUSE, DAVE’S WORLD, SAVED BY THE BELL, DESIGNING WOMEN, WHO’S THE BOSS, J.F.K., DICK TRACY, PRETTY WOMAN, CAN’T BUY ME LOVE, THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, and THE FLINSTONES (the Movie).

Jamie is currently working on a new smooth jazz disc that will feature not only beautiful instrumental performances by Jamie, but also will feature stellar performances from other well-known musicians and Jamie's former bandmates.

Jamie is not only an incredible musician, he is a dynamic performer that always delivers a jaw-dropping and memorable performance. Jamie is a musician with incredible talent that has honed and refined his craft over many years in the studios and on stages with some of the most legendary artists of our time.