Jamie Lee Woodman

Jamie Lee Woodman


We are an ultramodern band with influences from Pink Floyd, David Bowe nad Foo Fighters. We are well known for creating the Meaning of Life album and all members have been playing in the melbourne music scene over the past 5 to 10 years

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Written By: Jamie Lee Woodman


A black hole, in the distant reach of space,
Made an eruption, caused by a shooting star
It made a system, a place where life could stay,
Until this day

Then the Earth just came alive,
With Earth quacks that rocked the night,
Formed a land to one day break,
Surrounded by an open sea,
A lifeless land, soon a busy place,
In out of space,
Under the Milky Way

Space is expanding, into new region,
The Earth is growing, through every season,
Life was demanded, by the solar system,
Though space is so silent,
The Earth just seamed too violent,
Time would tell if this would last,
Timed by spaces hour glass,
Is there time for this new place, under the good old Milky Way,

A Solar System out of space, it is a unique place,
A place where life can be, created from the sea,
It’s a type of dream, out of reality,
In out of space
Under the Milky Way.