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"Songs Written for Parents of Kids with Autism"

"For a parent with a young child who has autism, listening to selections from Jamie Manning's album "What Remains" is like coming home, with all the complex feelings that concept carries. Manning's Kenny Loggins-like vocals lead these tunes, which range from rock rhythm and blues numbers to softer folk songs, through a familiar set of emotional rooms.

There's a sense of loss, a feeling that an irrational turn of events has derailed the life you expected when your baby arrived. There's the wish that you could do more to help your child thrive. There's the bittersweet acknowledgement that because of the sacrifices you need to make to help your son or daughter achieve developmental gains, your home is probably not the nicest one on the block. And most of all, there's the very powerful sense that parenting a child with autism strips the experience down to its essence, that this is a relationship that equals love."

- Autism Bulletin

"CD Review: "What Remains" by Jamie Manning"

Music for the Autism Community
"It's unusual to find a high-quality music CD intended, not for children with autism, but for their parents. Jamie Manning's "What Remains" is the equivalent of a musical memoir -- a heartfelt tribute to his son, his wife, and the work of coping with autism.

A Solid Musical Performance
Jamie Manning's CD "What Remains" is a solid, professional product. Somewhat reminiscent of James Taylor, it includes both brooding, folky pieces and an upbeat, bluegrass sound. It's the type of singer/songwriter album most likely to be played on "alternative" radio.

Heavy Lyrics
This is not a cheerful or upbeat album. The title song, "What Remains," seems to say it all: 'all this worry/Is draggin' us down to the floor/Our lives, as we knew them/ Like our money and our friends are all gone.' Several of the songs seem to reflect the experiences of Jamie's wife (or perhaps a fictional mom of an autistic child), who -- according to "The Story of Her Life" -- 'used to laugh, but that was long ago.'

Delivering a Sense of Community
For many families, autism has created feelings of isolation, sadness, and even despair. For those families, "What Remains" may deliver a sense of community. Manning reassures parents that they are not alone; for many, that in itself may be valuable. For others, though, the pervasive message of autism as a source of grief, anxiety and loss may seem a bit overwhelming.

Music as a Gift
What Remains is a handsome CD, a nicely-produced album, and a caring gift to the autism community. For the right person, it makes a thoughtful gift -- not only to the recipient, but to the autism community (since five percent of proceeds go to autism-related charities)."

- About.com


What Remains



With the album What Remains, Jamie Manning has found his voice as a songwriter by giving a voice through song to parents dealing with the traumatic effects of raising children with autism.

His music is honest, tough, and beautiful, daring listeners to dive in and experience the stories fully. He writes with an emotional landscape in mind, taking listeners on a journey as the songs unfold, from the depths of grief, to the firm conviction of deep and unyielding love.

These are songs that speak to the effect of war on families, the war to face the economic, social, and emotional burdens of autism; the war to protect their children from a world that fears and often rejects them. These songs will leave you with a profound sense of what is possible when music touches your spirit.