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Written By: James Pounder

written by
James Pounder

(Verse 1)
The first time I ever looked in your eyes
My heart stopped and I didn’t ask why
I felt something that I couldn’t deny
It didn’t take long to just realize
I’m gonna love you, like the spring loves the rain
I’m gonna love you through the heartache and the pain
I’m gonna love you for the rest of m days…
I’m gonna love you always…
(Verse 2)
The day when I lifted that Vail from your pretty face
Ahh it took me to this imaginary place
And I trembled when I wrapped my arms around your waist
And when I kissed your lips the love I can taste
(Verse 3)
So when our book of life turns another page
You know I’ll always love you no matter what our age
And when the sands of time turn our hairs to gray
You’ll know the exact words I’m gonna say
(chorus x2)