Jamie Randolph and the Darkhorse

Jamie Randolph and the Darkhorse

 Memphis, Tennessee, USA

alt-country, indie, theatrical, goth rock you might call it singer/songwriter Ryan Adams, Jeff Tweedy, Rufus Wainwright, and Tori Amos get wasted and make a 3 headed dragon baby.


Our band is influenced by pop elements, such as great melodies and hooks, but we weave them within creative songwriting, dynamic arrangements, and quirky elements throughout. We're a great, high-intensity live act that has the same power every night, but switches it up so every show is different, whether it be a guitar solo change or a new arrangement. We've all been playing together for years in various incarnations, but have finally lined up the best of all these acts and put them together. We're a band of brothers that breathe music.

The Darkhorse came through the door of that backhouse that sick, humid night--didn’t know what hit ‘im. Thought it best to try one more time, give it one last run. Oh, that melody had been runnin’ circles in that brain of his for years. Never had the right guns to pull, though. And not the slightest idea what happens to powder when it ages. This night was different; oh how those boots hit those concrete planks. Everyone knew when they saw him, when they heard him talkin’ to the keep. And he’d have that town on their knees before his last run was through. They tried to hide ‘em—the little ones, I mean. But this hunt was ages old. Blood was runnin’ before Grace had even shut her doors for the night. So flip those silly little locks and try to hide in those worn out cellars…..but there ain’t no cellars in hell.


Villain (Marauder 2006)
White Christmas (Single - Marauder 2006)
Myla Christmas, Jamiebody (EP, Shake Rag 2008)
Live At The Ardent Sessions (2009)

Set List

Songs from "Villain", the first record.
Songs from the upcoming record.
Various covers.
I'd say 90% originals, 10% covers.