Jamie Randolph and the Darkhorse
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Jamie Randolph and the Darkhorse

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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"2 Incredible Albums"

Another candidate for the most beatiful pop record of the year has just been released, but this one doesn't have the big marketing push or budget that Keane has. Jamie Randolph is a new artist on a brand new independent label called Marauder Records. I've got to hand it to them, this is one incredible debut release. Villain is a great album. From the music, which is exceptional, to the album packaging design, which is almost as good as the music itself. But the real story here are the vocals and the songs. Strong melodies over piano, strings and acoustic guitar with vocals that actually have a bit of the Keane-Coldplay vibe, but with a more American bent. This is one of the strongest debuts by a completely independent artist and label that I've ever heard. I would highly reccomend this release to anyone who is into beautiful acoustic pop. Jamie is a step above most of the singer-songwriters out there and his voice is killer. Paste Magazine should be all over this release as it's right in line with what they cover and better than 90% of what was on their last CD sampler. Two of my favorite tracks are "Not Crazy" and "Wine Kings." For audio samples and more information go here: - Obvious Pop

"Jamie Randolph: A Man In The Shadows"

Jamie Randolph: a man in the


The title and cover imagery alone of Jamie Randolph's Villain blatantly evokes a dark, sinister vibe. And lyrically, Randolph's debut solo album does contain the shadowy evidence of hard living, love gone wrong, and the wasting away that follows, but don't be scared away. Villain is much more sweet than sour.

Recorded in Memphis at Ardent Studios and produced/engineered by Matt Martone (of 3 Doors Down fame), Villain falls less into the vaguely defined, rapidly dissolving alt-country genre that it's promoted as being than into the popular-music arena inhabited by the likes of John Mayer and Gavin DeGraw. "Wine Kings," "Christian Girls," and "Rock N' Roll Kids" could each be a radio hit. The country influence is still there, especially on "Speak To Me," which recalls Bill Mallonee and the Vigilantes of Love. But Villain also runs the gamut between dark indie rock ("Chanson du Vampire") and moody, orchestrated dirges ("Not Crazy").

More than anything, the standout of Villain is Randolph's puritanical voice that manages to evoke Jeff Buckley on "South of France." Raised Baptist, Randolph grew up honing his music talents on church pianos and in the choir. And it's the paradox of hearing a sincere and almost sickeningly sweet voice singing about heartbreak and vampires that makes the record so addictive.

The release of Jamie Randolph's Villain marks not only the debut of a new Memphis-based artist, but also serves as the first shot from Seattle's Marauder Records, a label founded and managed by 26-year-old Memphis native, Josh Horton. It's worth mentioning Marauder if only for the sheer flawlessness of the label's promotion of their debut artist's work. Like Villain, Marauder is so professional in its execution that it's easy to forget that this is a double debut. Both Randolph and Marauder seem to have their sights set on the top of the charts. -- Matthew Cole

- Memphis Flyer

"Jamie Randolph: Villain"

Villain by Jamie Randolph
Jamie Randolph has one of those voices that makes you feel like a more sincere person just listening to it. His lyrics engulf you after just a couple words, and this album as a whole is easily one of our favorites of the year. Villain ($12; June 6) stretches all the way from darkly mellow indie rock with stellar strings to emo-esque acoustic rhythms and tender piano to Kravitz-like chunks of electric goodness. Some that we've let listen to Villain say Jamie reminds them of Ryan Adams or John Mayer. Yeah, if John Mayer was a student of the occult. Standout tracks: "Chanson Du Vampire" and "Professional Time Killers." - Uncrate


Villain (Marauder 2006)
White Christmas (Single - Marauder 2006)
Myla Christmas, Jamiebody (EP, Shake Rag 2008)
Live At The Ardent Sessions (2009)



Our band is influenced by pop elements, such as great melodies and hooks, but we weave them within creative songwriting, dynamic arrangements, and quirky elements throughout. We're a great, high-intensity live act that has the same power every night, but switches it up so every show is different, whether it be a guitar solo change or a new arrangement. We've all been playing together for years in various incarnations, but have finally lined up the best of all these acts and put them together. We're a band of brothers that breathe music.

The Darkhorse came through the door of that backhouse that sick, humid night--didn’t know what hit ‘im. Thought it best to try one more time, give it one last run. Oh, that melody had been runnin’ circles in that brain of his for years. Never had the right guns to pull, though. And not the slightest idea what happens to powder when it ages. This night was different; oh how those boots hit those concrete planks. Everyone knew when they saw him, when they heard him talkin’ to the keep. And he’d have that town on their knees before his last run was through. They tried to hide ‘em—the little ones, I mean. But this hunt was ages old. Blood was runnin’ before Grace had even shut her doors for the night. So flip those silly little locks and try to hide in those worn out cellars…..but there ain’t no cellars in hell.