Wick, Scotland, GBR

My music is open, honest and easy to relate to. I try and put as much passion into my music as possible whilst still sounding natural and raw.


I am 19 years old and I'm at the very first steps of becoming an acoustic singer/songwriter. Originally from Wick I have now moved to Aberdeen to support my musical career and I have been seeking out and taking advantage of any opportunities given all over Scotland. I have been playing live on various radios, been eatured on various newpapers and played in many different venues from the very North of Scotland right down to Glasgow and Edinburgh. My determination and passion drives me forword and as most of my gigs are self funded I have been set apart from most other musicians my age as every spare penny I have is set to hopping on busses to play gigs all over the country in aid of my career.


The recently updated "Persevere EP" is a 5 track live EP recorded for me by fellow students at North Highland College, Alness and is a showcase of my work to date.

"Just Be Brave" is one of my tracks from the Persevere EP and is featured on the Un-wired Scotland 2012 Album which can be purchased on Itunes and through the Un-Wired Scotland website.

Set List

Changes to suit enviroment.