Jamie Simons

Jamie Simons

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Who is Jamie Simons?
Picture James Taylor.
Now picture Brent Smith (from Shinedown)
Now imagine they had a 6'3" lovechild that played guitar.

Nice to meet you.


Peers and critics alike agree; Jamie Simons has distinguished himself as one of the most intriguing acoustic artists from Boston, MA. His lyrical talent is born from a unique combination of personal struggles through love, loss, depression, and life experiences.

This 26-year-old rising star describes his musical style as ranging from heartfelt love songs to bluesy existentialism. “I grew up in a very musical home where my mother was a concert pianist, always playing gospel and classical in the house.”

Jamie performs mostly around the Boston area, but he’s also branching out into New England with dreams of “…touring the country when I’m ready.”

Meanwhile, he’s developing quite a fan base of YouTube viewers with an audience of over 4,000 subscribers and growing at last count. In fact, when he’s not playing gigs he’s at home making YouTube videos and working hard to build his online audience.

Still, Jamie found time in 2010 to independently release the seven song EP “Above the Briar,” which is available on ITunes, Amazon MP3, and www.jamiesimons.com. He also won critical acclaim as the runner-up at the Boston Music Festival: Folk/Americana showcase in the same year.

Jamie didn't start pursuing a career in music until after college. His musical style is heavily influenced by the likes of John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Kings of Leon, Death Cab for Cutie, Shinedown, and Dispatch. That doesn’t mean Jamie didn’t develop a style he can rightly call his own. “I have an acoustic alternative pop-rock sound with a clean tone to my voice…”

Born May 26, 1985, Jamie grew up in Newburyport, MA before moving to New Hampshire at age 16. He went to college at the University of New Hampshire and relocated to Boston a year after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science in 2008. Jamie has one older sister who is a missionary in Europe, as well as an older brother who is a cop back in Newburyport, MA.

Despite gaining a respectable amount of regional popularity, Jamie works hard to broaden his appeal. “I spend most of my time practicing and working to progress my music career. Between gigging, youtube’ing, and being my own manager/booker/publicist it can get overwhelming, but I love it. I also enjoy the graphic design aspect of the job as well as learning how to become a better sound engineer. I also spend a lot of time discovering new musicians and finding inspiration on YouTube.”


Take Me

Written By: Jamie Simons

it may not be all that clear to you
i have got to have my fun, but I am no fool
and the one thing, that I can promise you
is that my words are stronger than super glue

but the situation begs the question
could this really be true
cuz everytime i close my eyes
all i see is youuuuuu

it's obviously up to you and me
well i can be taken but baby girl i have got to be free
if doubt tries to break you, your mind tries to trick you,
girl forget what you heard,
because my actions will always speak louder than words


so you can take me, for that, loving kind
you give me one small chance and I will blow your mind
yes you can take me, for that, loving kind
just one little chance, and I will blow your mind

yea girl, one little kiss
and you take me over the rainbow...


i thought i'd seen it all but not quite yet
my head flipped upside down the day that we met
and now i'm walking, on the ceiling, tryna look you in the eyes
because you know that i see through that terrible disguise

everywhere you turn people lie and they cheat
infedility, on our TV, like there's no chance to succeed
well call me old fasion, or traditional, but i can not
accept the notion, when wheels are in motion, someone's got to jump off

so it's up to me and you,
to our word we must be true
when lying and deceit prevail
the beauty of our love will fail
cuz every once in a great while
one heart will make another smile
and you could put a hold my friend
on the search you thought would never end

(Chorus 2 times to end)

Weathered and Old

Written By: Jamie Simons

i took a shower and chose the hat
that i would wear today
picked you up at a quarter till 2
drove to a field where we laid
and i found you a flower
under a sky of blue
and i hoped that you felt, what i felt for you

passed a house fire, full of flames
fire engines warned of the pain inside
a couple held eachother gently as they,
they watched their whole lives burn away
but the memories will not fade
no they will not fade away
and i prayed that would be us someday

when the clouds come and we're tired and cold
when turmoil visits and he begs us to fold
just reach out your hands, to my familiar face
and i will hold you ever so close, untill we're weathered and old

on saturdays we wake up late
pour the coffe then we fall on back asleep
for a minute then we have a cup or two
it wakes us up to start the day
oh it so much easier
when there's two mugs instead of my one
and i finally feel like i have won

when the clouds come and we're tired and cold
and turmoil visits and he, he begs us to fold
just reach out your hands, to my familiar face
and i will hold you ever so close
yes i will hold you ever so close
untill we're weathered and old


Written By: Jamie Simons

she put on her black shoes
3 inch jimmy choo's
in a game she knows she can't lose
she looks like a star
her skin tight red dress
diamonds on her chest
a face that leaves you breathless
she walks with confidence
as she glows under the city lights

and i know, i know
what she's trying to do
and she knows, she knows
what it does to me
and i know that i have to be...

where you are
is where i need to be
and on my arms, on my arms
is where you need to be

well shes moves and she turns
and all of the eyes
in the room are on her
and she knows that i can't dance
but i'll man up this time and take a chance while
they all laugh and call me a fool
i'll look like a fool for her
yes i'll look like a fool for her

and i know, i know
what she's trying to do
and she knows, she knows
what it does to me
and i know that i have to be...

we were unprepared, but we're getting there, yea we're getting there x2

Back Pocket

Written By: Jamie Simons

if i was the earth, and you were my moon
i would never let you outta my site, no there would be no high noon
i would bargain with the sun,
and give up all my stars
just to keep midnight in my back pocket,
cuz baby you never shine too soon


Jamie Simons - Above the Briar (EP)

Set List

2 Years
Black Days
Here I Stand
Angel (In Disguise)
Electric Lady
Weathered and Old
Take me
Happy as I am
Back Pocket
Carousel Man
Queen of Mine
Two Birds

Over 3 hours of covers to fill up necessary time slots.