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New York City, New York, United States | MAJOR

New York City, New York, United States | MAJOR
Band Hip Hop Pop


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Jamieson: I Came, I Saw - Vol. I
"Foot in the Door"
"Keep Up" (feat. Emilio Rojas)
"It Ain't Hard to See" (feat. K.I.N.E.T.I.K)
"Too Bad"
"So You Know" feat. (Skyzoo)



Jamieson is a London born MC and producer who has made his way to the states to pursue his career as an artist. On this journey his experiences and the ones of those whom he has met along the way serve as a constant stream of inspiration, fueling his desire to succeed. He currently lives in NYC’s South Bronx and maintains a demanding position at a local record label. And since leaving London a couple of years ago, this storytelling MC has added a few chapters to his storybook of rhymes. Through his music Jamieson carefully and descriptively narrates each and every one of his tales. While he sometimes touches upon some heavy subject matter, his combination of catchy hooks and relevant lyrical content create a dynamic mix of entertaining yet insightful hip Hop.

Jamieson born Gordon Jamieson Jr. (May 12, 1982), to a Scottish father and Colombian mother was raised in North West London. Growing up in London in a multicultural home, exposed him to a variety of musical genres. This diversity enabled him to draw influences from the likes of Cypress Hill, Dilated Peoples, WuTang, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Rod Stewart, salsa group Los Hermanos Lebron, Nina Simone and some of his own peers currently on the rise Melanie Fiona, J. Cole and Emilio Rojas to name a few.

Jamieson first stepped into the world of Hip Hop as a producer at the age of 15, a move that was more recreational than career oriented at the time. He then quickly began reaching out to some of the best, up and coming talent in the UK’s underground Hip Hop scene. Unfortunately he soon realized that it would be much more difficult than he had anticipated, so after wasting time and money he decided to try writing for some of his own beats. It was a couple of years later at around the age of 18, that he and his peers began to notice his talent, ultimately beginning his transition from producer to rapper.

Jamieson formerly known as “Killagram” began actively pursuing his dream as a rapper at the age of 21, he and long time friend K.I.N.E.T.I.K began rhyming as rap duo “Twisted Thoughts”. While he held regular day jobs which included a desk job at a local hotel and even as an English teacher in the evenings to non English speakers at a local school, his music was all he thought about even incorporating it into his lessons and performing several nights a week. Jamieson and K.I.N.E.T.I.K worked their way through the UK’s underground hip hop scene, which lead them to perform at what could be compared to a Hip Hop version of American Idol in the UK.

Although Jamieson kept his momentum going in the UK, he realized that his career would ultimately reach a brick wall. He found himself performing for the same people and no one seemed to be taking enough notice, he felt there really wasn’t a “lane” for his kind of hip hop, which was unlike UK Hip Hop called “Grime,” a combination of Hip Hop and techno.

Jamieson knew that success in London would only take him so far, but making it in New York could mean an even greater level of success. He was eventually offered the opportunity to intern at a well known label in New York City, and while apprehensive at first about the move away from everything he knew. The last push towards NY was an ad he saw on his way home, for British Airways flights going from London to NY, he took that as a sign booked his flight two days later, and arrived in NY one month after that. The internship got him a foot in the door and his personality and talent have helped him make his way into the industry.

Jamieson has already caught the attention of Executives and prominent artist in the industry. His hard work has been noted by legends such as Universal Music Group’s CEO Doug Morris and music pioneer Steve Rifkind, founder of Loud Records and most recently Street Records Corporation (SRC). Some of Jamieson’s own influences have also recognized his abilities on the mic including The Wutang Clan’s own RZA and B-Real of the legendary group Cypress Hill.

After releasing his first mixtape entitled “The Foreign Exchange” hosted by G Units own DJ Whoo Kid and mixed by French DJ 2 Late, has just released his first official EP entitled “I Came, I Saw.”