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Jamie Strange


The fast songs are pop/rock, and the slow songs are darker and more intense. The lyrics and always real, and often humorous

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Rock Star Clone

Written By: Jamie & Angela Strange

Rock Star Clone

Verse 1

I’ll steal this riff from another song
I’ll make it roughly 3 minutes long
I’ll make the chords go 1,4,5
I’ll sing in a punk voice
Way up high

Pre Chorus 1

So they think I am 17
When I am 35

Chorus #1

And when this song’s on the radio
I’ll be your plastic rock star clone
And when it reaches number one
I’ll smile and say that I’m having fun

Verse 2

My record label will buy me air-time
I could not think of a rhyme for this line
They’ll cut my hair give me some tattoos
They’ll set me up with interviews


On teenage television
Hey Mum and dad, buy me this album



And then I’ll play some shows and
I’ll make the crowd go “oh aye oh”
Who is this man called Jamie Strange?
My band will make me look so good
I’ll sound just like a rock star should
Thank-you Antaries Auto-tune

Low Chorus

And when this song’s on the radio
I’ll hear them sing it at my show
But I’ll know, I’m all alone
Cause I’m just a plastic rock star clone

Copyright Jamie and Angela Strange 2007