Jamie Walsh

Jamie Walsh


Singer/songwriter plays guitar driven rock,pop,blues with a distinctive style.


All The Way Music Publishing is proud to announce June 14th, 2006 as the release date of singer/songwriter Jamie Walsh’s debut CD Note to Self.

“We all love a great story of how a star is born,” says Michael McIsaac president of All The Way Music, “and we’ve found us a star.”

He is speaking of Stephenville’s Jamie Walsh. Having grown up in a musical family, Walsh found that singing and playing came to him instinctively at five years old. When
He started classical piano and voice training at the age of nine, he knew he’d found his calling.

Since adding guitar to his roster of talents at the age of fourteen, Walsh has played at benefits, fund raisers and talents shows, wowing audiences with his vocal sensitivity and guitar prowess. At age sixteen he began playing professionally with local bands and as a solo performer.

A variety of inspirations have shaped Walsh’s music. He studied Jazz at St. Francis Xavier and attributes much of the artistic influence on the album to his work with the seasoned and accomplished musicians in his group West Coast Blues – all of whom accompany Walsh on the album.

The release is momentous for Walsh, not only as his debut album, but as a project very close to his heart – the studio where the album was engineered and produced is owned and operated by his long time friend and musical collaborator Stan Gallant.

Walsh’s music is best described as an eclectic blend of many styles that have come together to create a tour de force. There are elements of blues, rock and pop with a unique combination of Jamie’s melodies and vocals.
To purchase copies of his work, visit: www.jamiewalsh.ca
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Written By: Jamie Walsh

Jamie Walsh 2005 Copyright

She’s so fragile she’s just like me I hear
Our breath whisper in time
Her hair golden I’m holding her close and
Our hearts beat here in time

Waited so long
And now she’s with me tonight

Words not spoken my life’s been broken
Before you laid by my side
Thoughts go, so slow as you dream softly I’ll
Still be here by your side

Waited so long
And now she’s with me tonight
Time goes so slow
As she dreams with me tonight

LEAD BREAK (over verse)

INTERLUDE (half-time)

Waited so long
And now she’s with me tonight
Time goes so slow
As she dreams with me tonight

She’s so fragile she’s just like me


Jamie Walsh "Note To Self"

Set List

80% Originals
20% Covers done my own way