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jamil mustafa

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Jamil Mustafa is a solo artist. Influenced by hip- hop, funk, soul, jazz, electronica, and worldbeat, Jamil blends all of these sounds into one unique sound. Jamil has been a rapper and singer for over 12 years, and a producer for 4.


Nomadic MC's "What's Missing" (one of six members) 1998 album.
Jamil Mustafa "The Other Half" 1999 single
Jamil Mustafa "Classical Music" 1999 ep
Jamil and Jab "Collab" (with producer Jab) 2000 ep
Jamil Mustafa "Motivation" 2001 single
Jamil Mustafa "Instrument" 2002 single
Jamil Mustafa "When Poets Shout" 2002 album
Jamil Mustafa "What Up World" 2002 single
Jamil Mustafa "Shades of Gray" 2003 album
Jamil Mustafa "The Breakthrough" 2004 single
Jamil Mustafa "Kick Snare Chemistry" 2004 album
Jamil Mustafa "Makin Music" 2006 album

Set List

Set list varies, but mostly songs from current albums.