JamisonPriest is available as a DUO or TRIO, and all three members are singers and songwriters. JP is perfect for any audience that desires great lyrics and a roots approach to music. JP is known for its intricate harmonies and honest emotion.


JamisonPriest’s two main goals are to preserve the foundation of the folk movement with unique renditions of traditional music, and to add to that foundation with their own well-crafted songs. As husband and wife, Ed and Jenni have a special bond that is projected in their music. And having Cole, one of their best friends on bass, just adds to the artistry. In the nine years since their debut performance, JamisonPriest has charmed and impressed audiences with their story songs and intricate harmonies, and has developed a dedicated grassroots following. Music lovers of all ages enjoy their songs. They are poet-singers with a refreshing sound for listening audiences.

JamisonPriest is a contemporary folk band based in Abilene, Texas, and is perfect for festivals, coffeehouses, pubs, and any audience that desires great lyrics and a roots approach to music. JamisonPriest performs as a duo with two acoustic guitars, violin, harmonica, and two voices; or as a trio with two acoustic guitars, bass, violin, harmonica, and three voices. All three members are singers and songwriters. The band has toured around Texas, and played in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona.

JamisonPriest released its third CD in 2006. Dreams I’ll Never Know is a contemplative folk album and an exploration of life themes; love, disappointment, loneliness, and searching. Inspiration was taken from personal experience and from historical events in Texas and the U.S. including the tragic life of Cynthia Ann Parker; the 1937 school explosion in New London, Texas; and a life changed by the attack on Pearl Harbor. It contains ten songs written by members of the band, one by fellow roots musician Greg Young, a folk-rock rendition of a song by John Fogerty, and a remake of a song originally recorded by The Kingston Trio.

The band’s second CD, We Called Ourselves Poets includes ten songs written by members of the band, two by fellow Abilene musicians, and four covers. The CD was featured on the My Texas Music website and played on local radio in Abilene. My Texas Music selected “Ten Degrees and Getting Colder” for inclusion in their 2005 Radio Ready, Vol.2 compilation CD. JamisonPriest’s debut CD Leave Your Blues was released in 2001.

In addition to three independently released CDs, JamisonPriest has contributed to many other projects. JamisonPriest was a contributing artist (recording ‘The Jewel of Abilene’) on the CD included with the book "The Women There Don't Treat You Mean: Abilene in Song" written by Joe W. Specht. Released in March 2006 and available at Texas A&M University Press, the book gives a behind the scenes look at all the songs written about Abilene. JamisonPriest recorded the jingle for igospelradio.com, and added harmonies on CDs released by three other Texas artists; Greg Young, Nick Fessler, and the Hogg Maulies.

JamisonPriest was a featured artist on KACU's The Appetizer in 2005. Jenni was named 2004 Favorite Female Vocalist by the Abilene Reporter News. JamisonPriest was one of ten regional acts selected in the 2002 Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk competition.


"I've always enjoyed your music, and you really knocked me out last night at Erinshire [Folk Festival]. Your three-part harmonies are stunningly beautiful. I'm a sucker for vocal harmony, and y'all use it to its greatest effect in your arrangements." Roger Kirkpatrick, Slim Chance & The Survivors

About Dreams I'll Never Know - "I already knew and loved She Just Happens to Love Me, Weatherman, and Two-Lane Road. I love Small Town Sara because it is fun and hopeful and I can picture the scenes. Infamy is powerful and makes me cry. Fairytale, because that has been me at times. The Only Sound, because I know people who barely live because they can't/won't deal with their pain. And of course, I love Lost Generation extra because I remember the first time I heard it, and I was amazed at how [it] conveyed so much in just a few lines." Laura Gore

"Wes & I have loved listening to you guys on weekends @ Mez. And after we took ballroom dancing lessons this January... Three Quarter Time has become a very special song to us. Keep the music coming. We've got quite a crew that love coming to hear you!" Teresa Netz

AAMA Winter-Spring Concert Series - Abilene, TX
Auslander's Summer Music Festival - Fredericksburg, TX
Balloon Festival - Abilene, TX
Bean Counter Festival Jam - Abilene, TX
Big Country Settler's Reunion - Buffalo Gap, TX
Erinshire Folk Festival - Abilene, TX
Festival of Freedom - Rowlett, TX
Flagstaff Folk Festival - Flagstaff, AZ
July 4th Celebration - Abilene, TX
Kerrville Folk Festival - Kerrville, TX - one of ten regional acts selected in 2002 New Folk Competition, listed in program
Live Oak Festival - Columbus, TX
Old Settler's Reunion - Buffalo Gap, TX
Simple Sounds Concert Series, Longhorn Caverns - Burnet, TX
Solid Grounds Coffeehouse series - Albuque



Written By: Cole Bennett

She taps her fingers on the steering wheel
Safeway paper bags behind her seat
Turn signals blinking "jump-swing" time
Together with the sandles on her feet

She dreams about a soldier in the dark
A shaven face, a pretty diamond ring
And holds onto a chain of metal tags
And fifty years unbroken wondering

In her closet underneath his uniform, a pair of Mary-Janes that she has never worn
He brought them home to her in 1941, the day their child was born
And now she's waiting, patiently for Friday night, the big band and the horns

On an early Sunday morning long ago
He had no thought to save a life or kill
Awakened by the reds of the Rising Sun
The speaker echoed "This is not a drill"

Her minds-eye sees a hanger by the sea
The radio and records they would play
But no more will they meet to spin the floor
The music of Glen Miller gone away

Sign up now and see the world for free
Be brave and save our country from the foe
Our soldiers serve with honor, faith and pride
Just think of all the places you can go


Written By: Jenni Jamison & Marla Loss

Remembering when I was small
The world seemed so big and all
Then I came hurdling down to crash
Among the cinders and the ash
In wintertime

December came cold with nobody there
But Snow White's fair and icy stare
She said, "The apple tastes like medicine,
but I love the illusions in my head"
In wintertime

And don't you know that we fly free
Lonely doves seeking peace
Springs of creativity frozen over so they can't see
Don't look back regretfully
December, remember me

I saw a tree in twisting pain
With skin weathered old as Cain
Its limbs stretched out to touch the sky
Its tiny gold leaves hung like chimes
In wintertime

That naked aching tree possessed
A bittersweet juice for those oppressed
A white diamond garden just for me
Eden changed to Gethsemane
In wintertime

Two-Lane Road

Written By: Ed Priest

Driving down a two-lane road, my suitcase in the back
Thinking on my heavy load and wondering what I lack

I left my people in L.A. looking for the sky
Thought that I could find my way on the simple word goodbye

And I saw myself out on the road where time can go so slow
In loneliness I broke my heart on the dreams I'll never know

The highway calls me in the night when darkness fills my mind
Then I go looking for the light it seems I'll never find

Long ago my heart was young, with reason yet to live
Back before my songs were sung and before I tried to give


Dreams I'll Never Know - released 2006
-tracks played on internet radio
-"The Only Sound" used in advertisement spots for The Appetizer on KACU
We Called Ourselves Poets - released 2004
-"Ten Degrees and Getting Colder" was selected for the 2nd My Texas Music compilation CD in 2005.
Leave Your Blues - released 2001

all albums engineered by Brandon Carr of The Earlies

Set List


The Only Sound
Lost Generation (The New London Song)
Cynthia Ann Parker
She Just Happens to Love Me
Small Town Sara
Two-Lane Road
Highway 1
East to Love (Both Hands Out)
Three-Quarter Time
You Could Fall in Love
I Don't Want to Love You Anymore
February 4th
Holy Holy Holy
Leave Your Blues
Love Will Make You Cry
You Feel So Warm
What Sets You Free
Just Collectin' Pay (Cup of Joe)
Bidin' My Time
Don't Be Surprised
Eternal Song of Joy


10 Degrees and Getting Colder
Ring of Fire
Daddy Sang Bass
Sunday Morning Coming Down
The Pilgrim
The Jewel of Abilene
Do Re Mi
Blue Bayou