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As a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer, Jamison Sevits understands music from every angle. His current project, an Americana album for kids and kids at heart, is a collection of soulful, danceable songs celebrating a wide array of American music.


Jamison has revolutionized his music career. After 20 years of professional trumpet playing as his primary focus, he is now going full-blast into the world of songwriting, producing, and multi-instrumentalism.

He has a lot of exciting projects up his sleeve, including a new album of original music to be released in January 2014. A unique brand of Americana, it celebrates New Orleans brass bands to 60s Motown, and everything in between. It's music for kids and kids at heart, and in light of the exciting new Kindie Rock movement, Jamison likes to call his music "Amerikindie." Keep an eye out for it next year.

As a producer, Jamison recently worked with talented song-writer and Alaskan Adventurer, Daniel Kirkwood, on their new project, "Kill Olympia." Jamison also brought his skills on drums, piano, vocals and brass to the project. Visit www.danielkirkwood.bandcamp.com to download free tracks and find out more about the official album release, upcoming shows and more.


Zach and Alexandra

Written By: Jamison Sevits

Zach and Alexandra

Alexandra Alligator ambles along,
anxiously announcing this alphabet song
Betty the brown bear bounces her ball
with a big brontosaurus who's 10 stories tall
Calvin the cat, yeah he carefully creeps
along cracks in the cement of the big city streets
Debbie the dragon takes dare-devil dives
down dangerous drops to save her dragon friends lives
Ellen the Elephant eats eclairs every day
enjoying each one in an elegant way

Francine the Ferret has fantastic fun
finding fabulous fruit that's finally ripe from the sun
Graham the gorilla gathers giant green beans
graciously giving them to all those in need
Harper the Hippo has a hundred hair-dryers
that she handsomely hangs up on telephone wires
Imogene Iguana has an igloo of ice
that's so incredibly ingenious well it makes you look twice

Juliette the Jaguar yeah she jams on some jazz
jumping' and jivin' with such joyful pizazz
Kendell the Kangaroo likes to knit on his knees
all kinds of kaleidoscopes while eating kiwis
Lainey the lion loves to laugh as she looks
thru a library labyrinth of literature books
Miles the mouse is a marvelous magician
materializing a massive marimba while his mom's gone fishin'

Nicole the Nightingale never needs a nest
she always naps in noodles when she needs a rest
Olivia Orangutan likes to organize
her oranges in an oval according to size
Polly the Piranha prefers purple pants
providing plenty of pinache to to do her polka dance
Quincy the Quale like to quietly quilt
but he's quick to question if the quilt starts to tilt

Ruby the Rhino is rowdy and rough
when she raps about railroads and rainbows and stuff
Sebastian the Squirrel sneezes softly and sweet
but as soon as you spot him, he starts to sprint down the street
Tabitha turtle tries to tinker with toys
but her talent is truly just to make too much noise
Ulysses the Unicorn has unusual umph
an unpredictable umpire, instead of "strike", yells "Harumph!"

Victoria vulture ventures on a variety of vacations
vivaciously visiting such vast and vivid locations
William the walrus wears watches so wild
no wonder when we ask "Hey Willy, what's the time" he just smiles
Xavier Xenopus is a xeroxing frog
who takes x-rays of xylophones for his excellent blog
Yolanda the Yak yell "yum!" when she eats yams
then yo-yos with yarn along with her yodeling friend Pam

Zach the Zebra, when he visits the zoo
he zips around in zig-zaps like the zippers on his shoe
and when he goes to the zoo he sees his Alligator friend
then Zach and Alexandra, and all their animal friends
sing this alphabet song again
Zach and Alexandra, sing it again!

Look Around - Spring

Written By: Jamison Sevits

In the springtime, if you look around
a rainbow of colors can be found

red is for the cardinal that sweetly sings
orange is for the monarch butterfly wings
yellow is for the bumble bees that buzz in the air
green is for the green grass that grows everywhere

blue is for the bluebird sitting in the tree
purple's for the wildflowers living so free
black is for the seeds that we plant with love
white is for the clouds floating slowly up above

In the springtime, if you look around
a rainbow of colors can be found

Everything Grows

Written By: Jamison Sevits

Everything Grows

Everything grows, everything grows
from the hair on your heard
right down to your toes
everybody should know, that everything grows

Verse 1
When you plant a seed down in the ground
and the sun comes out, and the rain comes down
in a little while, guess what you'll see
a little green stem, with little green leaves

Verse 2
Caterpillar bug are so unique
inside cocoons they all will sneak
in a little while, guess what you'll see
beautiful butterflies with colorful wings

Verse 3
When a child is born from her mother's womb
she can't walk or talk or eat big kid food
but in a little while, guess what she'll do
run and holler and play, just like me and you

Geometric Boogie

Written By: Jamison Sevits

Verse 1
now the smallest little thing you can make is called a point
and if you take two points and connect 'em, well that's a line
and if you put two lines together at a point you get an angle
and if you put it all together geometric shapes are what you'll find
I'll tell ya what you'll find

a triangle's got one, two, three - three points and
one, two, three - three sides and
one, two, three - three angles
triangle's got three

a rectangle's got 1,2,3,4, four points and
1,2,3,4 - four sides and
1,2,3,4 - four angles
rectangle's got four

a circle's got - - - - no points and
- - - - no sides and
- - - - no angles
a circle's got none

"but now, some people say it's got an infinite number of points and sides, and I guess it's got one big angle of 360 degrees if you turn it all the way around. But hey, that's a whole other song!"

Now penta means five so a pentagon's got five sides
and hexa means six, you know the trick
hexagons got six sides, don't it make you feel alive!?

Smarty Pants Dance

Written By: Jamison Sevits

Verse 1
first thing ya do, put on your thinkin' cap
now just bob your head, and get your hands to clap
slip on your counting gloves, and count along with me
count three, two, one. count one, two, three (1,2,3,4)

Verse 2
pull on your dancin' shoes, and ya lace 'em up tight
take a step with your left, and then a step with your right
now ya grab your smarty pants, and ya wiggle 'em on
now I think we're ready, to do the smarty pants dance song

let's do the smarty pants dance
let's do the smarty pants dance
come on and give it a chance
let's do the smarty pants dance

now give a super goofy glance
now pretend you're in a trance
how bout a kung-fu stance
now do a really, silly prance!

Set List

Everything Grows
Beautiful Outside
Look Around (Spring)
Veggies and Fruits
Easy as 1,2, 3
Look Around (Summer)
Feel that Gravity
Geometric Boogie
Look Around (Autumn)
Goin' for a Ride
Workin' on the Railroad
Smarty Pants Dance
Look Around (Winter)
Round and Round
Zach and Alexandra
When it Snows