Jamison Smith

Jamison Smith


Acoustic based singer songwriter, influenced by country, motown, folk, rock, and jazz. Catchy melodies with a Van Morrison swing, James Taylor picking, and Al Green groove.


Grew up listening to renegade country (Merle Haggard) and pop (the Everly Brothers)with my dad and pop country (Alabama/Kenny Rogers) and motown (Temptations/Marvin Gaye). Friends introduced me to the Beatles and James Taylor and Metallica and Pearl Jam but most recent songs fall back to my roots. Several songs have been played in numerous weddings.. I blame that on my Mom for making me listen to Lionel Richie when I was a kid.


Crayon Skies

Written By: Jamison A. Smith

Crayon colored skies, Water colored days
Yesterday’s green and gold, has finally started to fade
Yellows & Blues, Attach themselves to you
Pastel comforts in gray world, born to start anew
Wo-oh yeah

The sun will seek you out, each morning that you rise
I know cause…
Even through a cloudy day, the sun still shines in your eyes
Something’s need no explanation, Something’s are just that way
You, my dear, have no explanation, you are just that way, no need to explain

I know what you wanted, I know what you left behind
I know what you needed, out of sight and out of mind
I know, sugar, just what you mean, so put the fear from your mind and start anew
Start anew with me

You can’t hide light like that, no, no
The way you shine can cut through the darkest night
I feel you for days when you’re gone
And I long to touch you again, but I understand….

I know what you wanted…

Sugar Lips

Written By: Jamison A. Smith

“Not everyone gets to feel like this,” she says
As I hold her down to steal a kiss, from her sweet sugar lips.
And everything that’s come to pass
Just seems to grow so small, In regards to what will come,

If I ever understood anything at all, I understand this
I understand all too clear
Your touch, your voice, oh, your sweet kiss,
Make it all so real…

Pillows under head, legs locked, I’m lost in this
Do we ever have to move again, we could just stay here
And if I ever dream again, I know I’ll dream of you,
Cause there’s no better dream exists, than you with me.

If I ever understood anything at all, I understand this,
You make it all to clear,
The way you move, the way you smile, you move me, you know
you do,
You make it all so real…

And I would follow you..
Cause I know you’d follow me too.
And side by side we will walk through this
Into the mystic we we’ll flow
Down this broke and crumbling road we go…

“Not everyone gets to feel like this,” she says
“We’re different,” I know, that’s why I can’t let go.
And every time your stomach moves beneath my arm
I know this is love, I just can’t let go.

And if I ever understood anything all, I think I get this
You show me, You show me, so clear
Your words, your soul, your sweet kiss.
You make it all so real.

One More Time

Written By: Jamison A Smith

I've had enough of love, I just don't think I'm strong enough,
Cause I've been down this road before, and I don't want to walk it anymore,

Cause I've given all I could, Lord knows I've tried and tried,
But I'd rather just go alone, than to have to let go one more time.

I've had enough of love, and its ghosts and spirits that haunt me.
I just can't feel it like I could, I've learned too much of its pain and misery.

Yes I've survived the fires, but these scars have stood the test of time.
And I'd rather just go alone, than to have to let go one more time.

And yes I've given up before, but I've never been so sure,
It's just that things are so rarely as they seem,
And I just can't trust this anymore.
I just can't trust this feeling anymore.

I've had enough of love, just wish my heart would stop feeling.
This joy and hunger every time I hear you, this longing to see you again.

Cause how can I ever be sure, Lord knows I've tried,
But I don't want to be alone anymore,
You've already reminded me what this feels like,
And I make these promises to myself, and I break them all over again,
I don't know why but I do it every time.
I close my eyes and here I go again....

I love you.

I don't know what tomorrow brings, I can't even tell you tonight,
But I know these feelings I just can't hide,
And I think you should know, as much as it scares me to say it....

I love you.


Several songs played on WNCW public radio. Several albums sold from backstage.... First release due soon.

Set List

Set list includes a whole slew of originals and covers ranging from Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye to the Beatles and James Taylor to Merle Haggard and Alabama to Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Radiohead... pretty much anything I like to listen to. Even cover a Bon Jovi song.